Homeless Woman, Living In Car, Sacrifices Greatly For Her Beloved Dog

A woman in Virginia, who fell on hard times after quitting her job to care for her dying father, has been living in her broken-down car, with her senior dog who she considers to be family, for two months. According to WUSA 9 News, Leslie Fields worked in retail management for 30 years, but she quit her job to care for her dad and she has not been able to secure a new job, in part, because of her 12-year-old dog, Penny.


Living in a car, with only a hair-dryer for heat, makes it difficult to find a job – especially if it means leaving Penny behind. Fields explained to WUSA 9 News, “She doesn’t deserve to sit in a car. She doesn’t deserve to sleep in the car.”

Fields fortunes may finally be turning…a week ago she reached out to Homeward Trails Animal Rescue and shared her difficult plight. The rescue agency immediately set out to help. The first order of business as to get Penny to a veterinarian for an exam and vaccinations, and then a temporary home was located for the senior dog. Penny will remain in the foster home until Fields can find a job, and a home where they both can live.

Sue Bell with Homeward Trails Animal Rescue explained why the group wanted to help, “It was clear from her email that she was a woman who desperately loved and was committed to her pet. And was just going through a rough time.”


The rescue organization is committed to helping Penny’s owner as well – the group has set up a fundraiser to help Fields as she tries to get back on her feet. The fundraiser explains, “Funds are being sought for Leslie to find a place to live other than her car, food and clothes to help her get by day to day, and for car repairs so that she can get to job interviews.” The response to the fundraiser has been positive – so far, over $1600 has been raised. Click here to read more and see how you can help.

Find Homeward Tails Animal Rescue on Facebook here.

Watch the WUSA 9 interview at this link.

Note: Fields is currently seeking employment in the DC area

(Photos via screenshots WUSA 9 News and GoFundMe)


Penny Eims

Penny is a freelance writer who provided content to her National Dog News column at Examiner.com for 8 years. She is a current contributor to Fido Friendly Magazine, as well as a newly formed website, Pet Rescue Report. Penny is married and she has two rescued German shepherds and two kids.


  1. christine Hutchison says:

    God bless you all for what you do

  2. Stephanie says:

    The power of love and compassion. God bless all involved for showing your caring heart. *It takes a great deal of courage to seek help. Leslie may you find comfort from here forward!

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    How wonderful Homeward Trails Animal Rescue go above and beyond to help her and her dog. If there were more organizations out there like this, may be there would be less pets turned into the shelters. I commend Leslie Fields for never giving up her precious Penny. She. like many of us, would rather live in our cars than let down our best furry friends. I wish her the best and pray she finds a place for her and Penny.

  4. MARY WAYMENT says:

    Many of us would do the same thing.

  5. Alicia Bogue says:

    God bless everyone involved

  6. Alicia Bogue says:

    God bless everyone involved

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