In Three Hours, This Community Donated 921 Pounds Of Pet Food And Kitty Litter For A New “Paws On Wheels” Program

Photo credit: Friends of Lampasas Animal Shelter

Just recently, Teri Logsdon — president of the Friends of Lampasas Animal Shelter, in central Texas — got the idea to try and collect pet food and supplies for her community’s older folks.

She wanted to help make sure they can keep taking care of their furry companions. Friends of Lampasas Animal Shelter takes care of the shelter animals’ medical care, the group works hard to get animals adopted — but wouldn’t it be even better to make sure pets with loving homes wouldn’t end up in the local shelter in the first place?

Last Sunday was the inaugural “Paws on Wheels” donation drive. Logsdon set up a table out front of a big box store, suggesting to shoppers as they went in that they pick up an extra sack of dog or cat food or some kitty litter, along with the things they’d come in for.

Just three hours later, Logsdon found that her community had been generous beyond her wildest expectations, giving around $300 in cash, and an astonishing 921 pounds of pet food and litter.

And it’s “still climbing,” Logsdon tells Shelter Me, with relief. “The pets are sometimes all the seniors have.”

Logsdon is bringing this bounty to the senior center. It’ll then be distributed by the local Meals on Wheels, at the same time as the human food is delivered.

“Knowing how much company these animals can be for the older people in our community, who can’t get out, who can’t get out and buy food, so let’s take care of them too,” Mary Delacruz, who donated food, told TV station KWTX. “We’re taking care of everybody else during the holiday season.”

Photo credit: Friends of Lampasas Animal Shelter
Photo credit: Friends of Lampasas Animal Shelter

The first pet food drive so successful,Friends of Lampasas Animal Shelter‘s volunteers are already thinking of ways to expand the panel of services to provide to seniors and their pets — a program to find new homes for the aging community members who can’t keep their animals any longer, even with Paws on Wheels in place; volunteers to go walk their dogs for them.

“Seniors deserve that help,” says Logsdon. “You were put on this earth. It was not to take, but to give. In return, you get a full heart.”


Arin Greenwood

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  1. Teri Logsdon says:

    Thank you so much for the interview with Paws on Wheels and your article, you really did us proud here in Lampasas, Texas.

    Thank you,
    Teri Logsdon

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