Injured Dog, Rescued From The Streets, Adopted By Family Who Just Lost Their Dog

A dog who was rescued from the streets of Richmond, Virginia, several weeks ago is embarking on a new life with a family who just lost their beloved companion of 16 years. Penelope, a pit bull mix, was discovered in Richmond’s Church Hill neighborhood in early December – she was miserable, cold, and suffering from a multitude of injuries which indicated that she may have been a victim of dog-fighting.

Penelope recovered from her wounds at the Richmond Animal Care and Control facility. Fans of the animal control agency’s Facebook page received frequent updates about Penelope as she recovered, as well as a special request for the beleaguered dog – the shelter wrote, “We also need your help finding the perfect home for Penelope!”

As it turns out, Penelope’s perfect family had been following her story, and on the first day of 2018, the dog’s fans received the news they had been hoping for:

“Happy First Day of the New Year!!! We are thrilled to announce that Penelope just went home with her forever family!!! Thank you to everyone for loving her along the way. If this wasn’t awesome enough, the family that was our last adoption of 2017 sponsored the first adoption of 2018 which turned out to be Penelope! Best Day Ever!!!”

Penelope is now living with the Rice family, who lost their senior dog just before Christmas, reported WTVR News.  Addyson Rice provided WTVR with her thoughts about the timing, “I feel like everything happens for a reason and just losing our other pet and loving the pit bull breed as much as we do, something was meant to happen for a certain reason.”

Shelter director Christie Chipps Peters stated:

“Penelope is the poster child for the work our shelter does every single day. We rescue animals from terrible situations, work hard to rehabilitate and provide medical care and then strive to find a great forever home. We are thrilled that we could be a part of this sweet dogs life at a time when she needed it most. Additionally, we are so very grateful to everyone that supports our city shelter.”

Find the animal shelter’s Facebook page here.

About: Richmond Animal Care and Control

Richmond Animal Care & Control (RACC) was established as the first city pound June 5, 1902 and since then it has served as the only open admission public shelter in the City of Richmond.

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