It’s National Mutt Day, Show Off Your Mutts!

National Mutt Day is upon us again, and on December 2, we celebrate everything great about mixed breed dogs.

According to sources:

  • mixed breeds tend to be healthier than purebred dogs because they have a lower risk of developing a hereditary disorder,
  • have better manners and tend to be easy-going, scoring higher marks in things like friendliness and stability,
  • each one is unique – unless their mom had a litter, you’ll have the only one on your block with that particular fuzzbutt,
  • you can pick the one who best fits your lifestyle, home and family,
  • you can send out their DNA to a testing company and make friendly wagers on your new pet’s parentage!

And for all this, you don’t have to spend a lot of money.  Yes, there are “designer dogs” with two or more breed designations but aren’t they really just mixed breeds too?  For not a great deal of money you can find your canine companion at your local animal shelter or rescue.

Rescues sometimes charge higher fees than shelters because the rescues have already spent megabucks vetting the animals they pull from shelters.  The fees to adopt a mutt from a rescue don’t come close to the amount of $$ that rescue has laid out for each and every animal they help.  And a good rescue will help match you with the dog whose personality best fits with yours.  If the dog is currently in a foster home, you might be able to speak to their foster mom or dad to find out what the animal likes, eats, and even if they prefer squeakies to tennis balls when it comes to having fun.

Shelter employees can also be helpful, especially the volunteers who spend so much time with their charges.   If you go to a shelter (and we hope you do!) please be aware that any behavior that seems distressing to you may just be from shelter life.  The sounds may be scary to a dog who used to have a home and along the way, someone let them down.

When you take them home, give them a chance to get acquainted with everyone….. slowly!!!  Imagine being thrust in a room with strangers who don’t speak your language.  They may have some behavior problems stemming from previous owners.  You, and your new best friend, can work on these issues together.  Always remember that you are taking in a life, so be prepared financially as well.  Adoption should not be on a whim.

There are so many breed-specific rescues who simply do not have the room, finances or fosters, to take in a mixed breed.  They know their adopters; many times they are repeat customers.  So mixed breed are in abundance at every shelter.

And if you adopt, or rescue, you save two lives.  The dog you take into your home, and the space you made for another life.   In honor of National Mutt Day, please consider making a financial donation to your local shelter.

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Lisa Blanck

Writing articles about animals for more than 22 years, she dove into the rescue world with the onset of Hurricane Katrina. As an outspoken advocate for animals, she's covered everything from paws to hooves, fins to feathers. She was the Orlando Animal Rescue and Worldwide Animal Issues Examiner for seven years. She's always thinking pawsitive, looking for ways to improve the lives of animals. She lives with one dog, one cat and one patient human. She welcomes your suggestions and is thrilled to be part of the family!