Let’s Go Home – inspiring poem about shelter pets

Poet Steve Connell Reminds Us How Incredible Shelter Pets Are

We love our pets. They’re family. The pets at animal shelters are no different than the pets in our homes. They are just waiting, patiently, for a family of their own.

Poet Steve Connell has put into words the way many of us feel about shelter pets.

Here is a moving, funny and loving performance called, “Let’s Go Home.” It’s featured in the film, “Shelter Me: Second Chances.”

Let’s Go Home – by Steve Connell

This isn’t cages
And cement and stone walls
You’re seeing it wrong

This is baggage claim at LAX
Platform at Grand Central
Curbside, engine running, door open, waiting

This is not goodbye
This is hello

This is where families grow
Where best friends meet
Shake hands

Amidst the barking
And the purrs
In this spot
Right here
Love occurs

A cage is unlocked
An arrival gate swings wide
A heart opens
And from inside
Love leaps out
Runs out
Creeps out
Comes out
Timidly appears
Or without fear
Bowls you over
Jumps into your arms
Or rolls over
Stands up on two legs

Home. Let’s go home
I’m tired
It’s been a long trip

You ready

And I’m ready

You ready, girl


C’mon girl. Let’s go



Just like in airports and bus stops
Behind each of these arrival gates
A beloved family member or best friend waits
For you to show up
Call their name
Pick them up
Take them into your arms
Gather up their things
And bring them home

First time I was here I picked up Patches
I was 13
It was my birthday
She was a springer spaniel sheepdog
And when I saw her
She ran into my arms
I was never more excited than when I opened up the car door
And she leapt in
C’mon girl. Let’s go home.

See the entire poem here.

This poem is featured in Episode 3, “Shelter Me: Second Chances”.

“Shelter Me: Second Chances” is hosted by Edie Falco and features an organization that pairs up shelter dogs with juveniles in a detention facility. This program provides hope and life-long lessons for the young inmates. A spoken word artist delivers an emotional performance reminding us about all the incredible shelter pets that are waiting for loving homes and a professional photographer takes a groups of kids into a shelter to show how taking great pictures can help get more pets adopted.

The Shelter Me series is presented online for free by the Petco Foundation and Healthy Paws Pet Insurance.

Steven Latham

Shelter Me is an inspiring series that celebrates the human-animal bond with uplifting stories about shelter pets. Shelter Me was created and is produced by Steven Latham. The project also includes a website – ShelterMe.com – which enables anyone to create and share profiles of shelter pets to help increase adoptions. Shelter Me works closely with other animal welfare organizations to organize effective spay-neuter and humane education programs and helps develop and implement life-saving projects directly at animal shelters. Follow ShelterMeTV on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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