Library Cat Remains While City Councilman Ousted From Post

The score is: Browser 1; Elzie Clements, former city councilman 0.

The councilman who wanted the library cat gone is now off the city council. And the library cat? Browser is still lounging happily and purring mightily at the White Settlement Public Library.

Last summer, a Texas city council that had voted to “fire” the local library’s resident cat was inundated with calls and emails from angry cat lovers around the world. They quickly reversed their decision a few weeks later.

Councilman Elzie Clements, who had started the move to oust the beloved cat from the library, blamed social media for the outcry. Browser, the cat, had lived at the library for over six years when Clements moved to remove him from the only home he had ever known.

According to CBS News, Browser outlasted Clements. Elzie Clements’ last city council meeting for the town of White Settlement, Texas, has come and gone but Browser still lounges around the stacks of books and is purr-fectly willing to help patrons select books.

The library’s website even has a page dedicated to Browser.  He has a Facebook page as well. The mayor of White Settlement, Ron White, has supported Browser’s tenure at the library. He said that the library purifies the air to remove 99% of impurities for those who may be allergic.




Pamela Kramer

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    Elzie Clements really needs to get a life. Petty man.

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