Lone Survivor From House Where 21 Dogs Died Now Has Amazing Parents

Elvira, aka Elvi, is a survivor – in fact, she is the lone-survivor of a horrific situation which claimed the lives of 21 other dogs in Hampton, Virginia, in March 2017. Amazingly – perhaps even miraculously, Elvi (formerly Lucky) skirted death and today, she alive and well and enjoying life with Sasha Golden and her boyfriend.

According to Dogs Deserve Better, when Elvi was first taken in by the non-profit organization, she was “scared of everything.” With time, Elvi’s physical and emotional wounds healed and she morphed into a healer for other traumatized dogs. The rescue group explained, “She has helped us heal a couple other special pups by teaching them there is no reason to worry…just play! She learned that children make her a different dog… So loving their presence and gleefully playing with them like she has been their best friend forever. “

According to the Daily Press, when Golden and her boyfriend embarked on a quest to adopt a new companion, they purposefully set out to find a dog who would likely face difficulties finding a new home. Golden told the Daily Press, “We thought, ‘What’s one of the hardest dogs to get a home?’ A pit bull.”

When the couple found Elvi’s adoption profile, their hearts were broken by her sad past, but they knew that they “wanted her so bad.” But one (very important) thing made them think that Elvira was not going to work in their household – cats. The agency did not have Elvira listed as a cat-friendly dog and the couple shared their home with an eight-year-old cat.

Fortunately, things that are meant to be often have a way of working out – and for Elvira, the cat issue turned out to be no issue at all. The couple met Elvi in person and fell in love – a home check confirmed that Ms. Elvi was fine with their feline and as Golden stated “it’s been history ever since.”

Dogs Deserve Better let the Facebook fans who had followed Elvira’s story know that the lone survivor was finally sharing her life with her forever family – the agency wrote:

“Along comes a wonderful couple who, within pretty much… seconds, knew that Elvi was the one to add to their home and be sister to their precious 8 yr old feline. The rest is history. She is where she is meant to be….sleeping on the bed, getting used to a home, sniffing and figuring out the feline, sneaking up on the couch when no one is looking, soaking up totally, being a family dog.”

As for 60-year-old Vernon Silver, the man responsible for Elvira’s heinous past – he is facing multiple counts of animal cruelty and could spend decades behind bars from a jury, reported WAVY News.

(Images Dogs Deserve Better Facebook page and screenshots via Daily Press)

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Penny Eims

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