Longest Tenured Dog At Arizona Shelter Continues To Wait For A Home

In Maricopa County, Arizona, there is a shelter which cares for pets who have been seized by the Sheriff’s Office as a result of abuse or abandonment. At the animal shelter, MASH (MCSO Animal Safe Haven), one dog has been held longer than any other.


The dog, named “Tiger,” arrived to MASH nearly nine years ago after he was removed from a home where he was forced to fight for his food. Tiger’s rough past left a mark…when he first arrived to the shelter, he was unsure of people and he had trust issues. Thanks to the work and attention of an officer, Tiger is no longer distrustful of people – in fact, he has been socialized and trained enough that he now “lights up” whenever people are near.


The shelter hopes to find Tiger a home without other dogs – given his difficult past, those who know and love this handsome boy want nothing more than to see him succeed. Over the years, Tiger has been adopted, returned, adopted and sadly, returned again. Tiger does well when he meets other calm dogs, but if a dog engages him in an aggressive manner, he will defend himself.

A MASH representative told Shelter Me, “He needs a strong, dedicated owner that will spend a lot of time with him.”


Tiger’s extended stay has inspired the shelter staff to come up with clever ways to help get his story out. Most recently, Tiger has been photo-shopped into various pictures of places that his care-providers would love to see him visit. Recently, the shelter explained their current creative campaign to help Tiger out, “These are pictures of Tiger’s picture in all the fun places we would love to see the real Tiger. So in the meantime we are collecting these pictures to draw attention to his plight. Take a look at these images of Tiger’s picture and imagine how much fun you would have with the real Tiger in these places.”


So what is Tiger’s ideal living situation? A home (loving and safe of course) where he can be king of the castle…no other dogs or cats (or birds or ferrets or, well, you get the picture). Tiger is described as smart, well-trained and eager to love.

Tiger has literally been waiting his entire life for a loving family – if you are interested in applying for the rewarding “position” of being Tiger’s new owner you can inquire about him at 602-876-1212. Facebook users can also send a private message to the page administrator at this link to the MASH Unit Facebook page.

In the meantime, Tiger will be waiting with his friends at the shelter. A shelter representative told Shelter Me:

Even if he does end up just staying with us, he’s still having a much better life than he would have if he had never been rescued.

Note: Any prospective adopter must live within Maricopa County. This will ensure that the shelter staff can better assist with transitioning Tiger into his new home and allow them to check up on him.

Penny Eims

Penny is a freelance writer who provided content to her National Dog News column at Examiner.com for 8 years. She is a current contributor to Fido Friendly Magazine, as well as a newly formed website, Pet Rescue Report. Penny is married and she has two rescued German shepherds and two kids.


  1. Mike Dalla says:

    I hope Tiger gets his Forever home soon Whomever gets Tiger would be blessed with his love. God Bless all involved Great Pics?

  2. Renee Hogendorf says:

    Sure hope he finds a wonderful home in time for the holidays. He has paid his dues!!!!!! Sending prayers of a new home!!!

  3. Elka Zwick says:

    “Pilots for Paws” could fly him to you for free.

  4. Rebecca Bekel says:

    Thank you so much for sharing Tiger’s story. I’ve worked with him for over four years. He’s a great dog who’s had a bit of bad luck, and just hasn’t found the right family yet. He loves to ago for walks and walks great on a leash. I already have a house full, or I would adopt him myself.

  5. Robin Torbeck says:

    Oh my! If I lived closer Inwouldnt hesitate to take Tiger and be his family!

    1. Linda A Ridenour says:

      Go get tiger.He needs you.

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