Malnourished dog, found covered in quills, finally ready for a home

A malnourished dog, peppered with hundreds of porcupine quills, and found along Michigan’s Sterling Truck Trails in June, has finally recuperated enough to be adopted out to a family.

The dog, now known as Wishbone, was found by good Samaritans on June 17 before being taken to the Arenac County Animal Control for urgently needed care.

When the hound first arrived, the animal control agency updated Facebook followers about the pitiful dog who was now in their care:

He had hundreds of porcupine quills, all over his body and inside his mouth.Wishbone was taken to the veterinarian where we pulled all the quills and made him more comfortable. He is on medication and a careful feeding program now. Due to his emaciated condition it is very important to feed him small meals several times a day. He is exhausted and weak, but is resting comfortably.

Wishbone required a great deal of veterinary care and TLC, but he finally gained weight and recovered from his traumatic (and undoubtedly painful!) ordeal.

Through the weeks of Wishbone’s recovery, the agency kept the hound’s faithful followers apprised of his condition and acknowledged the pup’s many donated gifts.

By early July, it was clear that Wishbone was well on his way to feeling great again. The agency wrote:

Well, good news to report. Wishbone has gained some more weight, bringing him up to 48.7# today! His coat is shining, and his once prominent hip bones are disappearing. Today he got his rabies vaccination. A new and healthy dog is emerging and we are thrilled! Thanks everyone for your kindness!

By July 25, the news everyone had been waiting to hear – Wishbone was ready for adoption! Applications are being accepted and reviewed and when the list has been narrowed down, meet and greets will be scheduled before one special person is selected.

He definitely had a rough patch, but now, Wishbone will finally have his happily-ever-after!

Arenac County Animal Control website here.

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