Maverick, The Beloved Dog In The Wagon, Has Passed Away

A beloved dog, who garnered attention after he started being taken on wagon outings in Deland, Florida, has passed away. The golden retriever, named “Maverick,” had managed to conquer cancer (Lymphoma) on more than one occasion, and when the nine-year-old dog was no longer able to walk, his devoted owners, Allison and Joey Maxwell, got a wagon which would allow Maverick to continue enjoying as much of life as he possibly could.

Suffice to say, the handsome dog, with the engaging smile, not only delighted town residents, but he became something of an internet superstar. Maverick’s outings, including the fresh air and meetings with friendly strangers, even seemed to help defeat the cancer which had taken hold his body. Though the cancer reared its ugly head once again in December, Maverick’s happy personality remained, and he truly seemed to be enjoying life.

But the end arrived, as it always does, last weekend. Maverick’s heartbroken owners broke the sad news to the beloved dog’s thousands of Facebook fans earlier this week:

Last night at around midnight, Maverick passed away peacefully in his sleep. He gave no signs of being ill, and didn’t suffer at all. He simply went to sleep after dinner.


Allison and I are absolutely heartbroken, yet we are at peace knowing that Maverick is now at rest.

Losing a pet is never easy, but Maverick’s unexpected and peaceful passing helped make the loss a bit less difficult; Joey explained to People:

“Honestly, in some ways it was easier this way. Our biggest concern was that this was going to get ugly at the end and we’d have to make a decision and we never wanted him to suffer.”

Condolences from those touched by Maverick, and his story, have been pouring in to the popular Facebook page. His owners have promised to continue to share images of Maverick, and they made sure that the dog’s many fans knew that their love was and is appreciated – they wrote:

We’ve still got some many wonderful pictures and memories of Maverick to share from his incredible life. In the meantime, please know how much you have meant to us, and especially to Maverick. He loved you all.

(Photos via Everybody Loves Maverick Facebook page and GoFundMe)


Penny Eims

Penny is a freelance writer who provided content to her National Dog News column at for 8 years. She is a current contributor to Fido Friendly Magazine, as well as a newly formed website, Pet Rescue Report. Penny is married and she has two rescued German shepherds and two kids.


  1. Arlene says:

    You were so loved Maverick. Your mom n dad gave their very best for you. We followed your story here on FB n know what a strong boy you were.

  2. Jossie Moran says:

    So very sad that they leave us when they are so loved….RIP MAVERICK. will be missed…!

  3. denise k reaves says:

    So sorry for your loss. Thank you for taking such good care of this beautiful soul. My thoughts are with you

  4. Regina s says:

    I can’t wait to see Maverick in heaven along with my relatives and pets who have passed…. It will be a joyful reunion…


  5. Lisa Blanck says:

    This is sad 😭 you are at peace and know you were loved by many Angels guide you to the Rainbow 🌈 Bridge safe in the arms of God we are all Gods Creatures

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Rip sweet boy run free you were so blessed to be loved so dearly

  7. Marika says:

    What a beautiful pup. I am a firm believer of feeding your pup blue green algae and other superfoods, especially when sick with cancer. I would NEVER feed my pup dry dog food. I recommend mixing goats milk with 2 tablespoons blue green algae powder. I promise it can extend a pets life by up to double. Research it. I am trying to share what in know because I want all animals to live tge healthiest, longest live possible. I drink it daily. It also has phenomenal affects on humans health. I purchase mine at I really wish Maverick would have lived a longer life. Poor baby did suffer.

  8. PJ Tonkin says:

    Sending our sympathy to all who love Maverick. The list must be endless.

  9. Tracy Hopkins says:

    I am so touched by Maverick’s story. What a gift he was to you – although I know you will love and miss him forever – he touched so many lives . RIP sweet Maverick

  10. Nancy says:

    RIP maverick i’m so sad that you had to leave but I’m glad that you went peacefully it is heartbreaking but now you are in rainbow bridge with all the puppies running around cancer free and we will meet again

  11. Elizabeth says:

    Allison and Joey. Maverick has not left you, he has gone ahead to wait for you in heaven. He wants you to know that Maverick will open the gate you into heaven . He also said, thanks for the waggon mum and dad, that was fun. I’m sad for your loss .i believe in the after life and l reckon we will see our beloved dogs again in heaven. where they will free from pain and be able to run into our arms again. I can feel your pain . Meverick knows how much you love him and you know how much he loves you. Remember the good things. 🐾🐾🐾❌❤️❌❤️

  12. Bonnie says:

    This is the wY I want to go.

  13. Peggy Wright says:

    Yes. MAVERICK brought a smile to my face many times. I just lost my dog, George in September and I adopted Maverick to fill the void. He cheered me up many a time when I was down.

  14. JERRY EDELMAN says:

    RIP MAVERICK. You will be missed by the many lives you touched and those who received the gift of your smiles along the way. May your family know that we all share in your grief of the loss, but also in the joy that was shared by knowing you and Maverick.

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