Miracle! People On Dive Boat Find Dog Adrift In Caribbean Sea

Dog rescued in the Caribbean

A dog is lucky to be alive after he somehow wound up adrift, miles from shore, in the Caribbean. Had a dive boat not stopped in the exact location it did…the dog’s frightening predicament may never have been discovered.

According to King 5 News, divers and snorkelers aboard the boat were shocked when they realized that an object bobbing in the water, far from land, was a dog. Christine Simon, one of the people on the boat, described where the dog was found to King 5, “Way out in the middle of nowhere, just flat water as far as you could see.”

Jack Johnson, another member of the diving group, which was taking part in Diving for Life (scuba diving for charity), told the news agency, “we looked out there, and there was this poor dog swimming out in the water for his life.” Someone from the boat jumped into the water to retrieve the exhausted dog, who was shaking from his extended time in the ocean.

As luck (more luck!) would have it, one member of the diving group was a veterinarian who was able to do a quick exam. Amazingly, aside from being frightened and tired, the dog was found to be in good health.

The dog, dubbed “Lucky,” was taken back to a resort in Belize and there he met Bob Bozarth and his husband Brian Johnson, who quickly fell in love. Bozarth told King 5, “We were both just like, ‘We have to get this dog!'”

Before the miracle survivor could be adopted to new owners, the local Placencia Humane Society set out to see if his true owners could be found. Nobody came forward to claim the pup, despite the shelter’s attempts using fliers and social media postings.

Lucky has to wait 30 days before he can go the United States, but if all goes as planned, he will be flying to Seattle, Washington, to join Bozart and Johnson (the couple who fell in love with him right after he was found) by Thanksgiving.

Read more about Diving For Life (a non-profit organization that sponsors The International Gay and Lesbian SCUBA Jamboree) at this link.

(Images via King 5 News screenshots)

Penny Eims

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