Miraculous Survival – Dog Alive After Being Hit By A Train

Against all odds, a dog managed to survive a seemingly un-survivable incident. In January, Emmett (named for the town where he was found) was struck by a train in Michigan – the impact from the locomotive, which was reported to be traveling in excess of 40 m.p.h., was devastating.

A good Samaritan found the badly injured dog on January 21 and took him to the Wilson Veterinary Hospital. There, Emmett was diagnosed with multiple skull fractures, a broken jaw, and ruptured discs in his neck. According to WXYZ News, the neck damage initially left Emmett paralyzed. But in true survivor fashion, Emmett not only lived, but he regained the use of his legs. Dr. Keith Burge commented on Emmett’s remarkable recovery, “A third of dogs that get what he has will never walk again.”

After Emmett was discovered – postings about what happened to him were made to social media in an effort to locate his owners. Though Emmett’s family was located, and made aware of the devastating situation, they declined to claim their dog. Remarkably, the conductor of the train also stumbled upon the social media postings about Emmett – he was shocked to learn that the dog who had disappeared in front of the locomotive had managed to survive.

Despite Emmett technically being homeless, he is still receiving care – the Sparky Fund Rescue, which is based out of Wilson Vet Hospital, has taken Emmett under its wing. Donations for Emmett can be phoned to the Wilson Veterinary Hospital at (586)752-6217.

When Emmett has recuperated from his devastating injuries, he will be available for adoption. Interested parties should visit Wilson Veterinary Hospital/The Sparky Fund here.

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Penny Eims

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