Monkey’s House: A Place For Terminally Ill Senior Dogs To Be Loved

Tucked away on a six-acre farm in Burlington County, New Jersey, is a special house which terminally ill senior dogs call “home.” Monkey’s House, a non-profit hospice and sanctuary, was named in honor of a senior dog (named Monkey of course) who stole the hearts of Michele and Jeff Allen. When the Allens took in Monkey, a stray dog who had wound up at a shelter in the twilight of his life, he was suffering from significant heart problems, in addition to a mouth full of bad teeth. His medical issues made him unadoptable by shelter standards and Michele didn’t want what remained of his life to be spent alone, in a shelter facility, so she and her husband took him in.

Though Monkey lived with the couple for less than two years, he made a tremendous impact on them- so much so that when Monkey passed away, the couple was inspired to open their home to other homeless seniors. Michele Allen told CNN, “In losing Monkey the grief was really, really tough and the greatest thing we could do was push through our grief in honoring him, and Monkey loved other dogs.”

Dogs (selected from shelters and rescues) who come to live at the hospice house are treated to home cooked meals, strolls on the farm, naps on furniture, veterinary care and most importantly, loads of love. Michele told CNN how they strive to make the most out of what is left of the dogs’ lives, “Having a senior dog spend its last days in a shelter is one of the greatest injustices. We give them a great life, great love, and great fun for the rest of their days.”

Dogs at Monkey’s House are provided with love and care from dedicated volunteers and the funds which keep the sanctuary operating are provided by donors. Learn more about how you can help the sanctuary keep up its good work at this link.

Find Monkey’s House on Facebook here.

(Images via Pixabay and Eims)




Penny Eims

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