Montreal Officials Have No Idea How To Implement Their Pit Bull Ban

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Starting on October 3, Montreal’s new pit bull ban goes into effect.

It is a misguided, cruel, vague and overbroad law that is based on fear, not science.

The law will likely lead to thousands of dogs being put to death, because of how they look. It imposes countless hardships on people and dogs — significant financial burdens and mental health strains among them.

The law is being challenged in a lawsuit brought by the SPCA Montreal. If the court does not issue an injunction, there are just a few days left before pits currently living in the city are subject to onerous restrictions, and new pits are forbidden.

The Montreal Gazette, in the meantime, has found that the city officials who will be tasked with enforcing this law are utterly unable to answer the most basic, essential questions about its implementation:

The Dodo has put together some ideas about how to help mitigate the terrible damage that will be inflicted by Montreal’s pit bull ban.

Among them: Sign this petition calling for a repeal, and donate to the SPCA Montreal to support its efforts against the ban.

And don’t forget that that there are hundreds of cities and counties in the United States with laws just like Montreal’s — go adopt a shelter dog from one of those jurisdictions.

Arin Greenwood

Arin Greenwood is an animal writer based in St. Petersburg, Florida. Previously, she was animal welfare editor at The Huffington Post. Arin is a former lawyer (J.D. from Columbia Law School, member of the New York Bar), life long animal lover, pit bull advocate, and devoted fan of cats and dogs who run for public office. Her first novel, Tropical Depression -- based on her five-odd, sometimes very odd, years living on a small island near Guam -- was published by teeny indie publisher Back Porch Books in 2011. Her second book, a comic young adult mystery called Save The Enemy, was published by Soho Teen in November 2013. Hello From Dog Island!, Arin's third book, will be published by Soho Teen in 2018. Know a shelter with a great, innovative program? Have another animal story to share? Get in touch at!


  1. Joey Pitt says:

    Good luck people , I hope they do what the humane societies and local police do here in my part of Ontario – nothing . They don’t support Liberal idiots .

    1. Benjamin Tuckerman says:

      Ontario already has BSL and are looking to make it more ridiculous. All due to small-minded, uninformed people… not Liberals.

  2. yvonne sullens says:

    This is so sad . These Beautiful animal are not mean . It is the people who make them mean . Please spend time with them . They will win your heart . They just want some one to love them . Just like you want love . I want everyone who wants to ban them to go to a rescue and spend 1 hr with them . And see if they win your heart

  3. Darren MacDonald says:

    The people of montreal that voted on this garbage bsl bylaw. I just want to let u know what you are doing to families across montreal . First of all i have 2 pitbull type dogs currently, and have had and rescued many pitbulls in my life and i can tell you that none of thoes dogs have bitten, attacked or killed any human or animal!! .What i can say is that they have loved my three boys and my wife unconditionally!.(THATS EVERY SINGLE DOG) and i can tell you that they have helped my kids everyday copeing with being bullied everday at school! With total love and affection . And i can also tell u that they helped my wife go through the loss of a child due to miscarrage . These dogs are not killers they are family members .i just want you to see how much these dogs mean to us . PLEASE RECONSIDER YOUR DECISION

    1. Deanna says:

      The people did not vote. This was voted in by elected officials

    2. Wonn says:

      It isnt the people of montreal that voted it’council members of the present city admin

  4. Kaye Cleary says:

    I lived in Montreal for five years and I can tell you that the municipal officials are quick at making the senseless legislatures. Montreal is as a city is beautiful but it can be very callous for an outsiders and over governing and over taxation.

  5. Elizabeth Bailey says:

    Look out you people who live in Montreal. If you don’t fit in the square, you’ll be banned from living in Montreal. Law makers in Mentreal, how more ridiculous can you get? Banning Pit Bills the right to live in your state achieves WHAT? Who passed the legislation? How members on the panel know or owner a Pit Bulls? Stick up for this misunderstood breed. It is not the dogs, it is owners who run fight rings who should be found and euthanasiaed. Pit Bulls are loving, gentle clowns. Stop the nonsense and find the people who run fight rings. Those fighting dogs are abused until they have to fight for their lives. Also, when they are lucky enough to be rescued, they can be rehabilitated. Help the breed, don’t allow them killed.

  6. Elizabeth Bailey says:

    Look out youpeople who live in Montreal. If you don’t look right, you will banned from living in the state, or put to sleep. Ridiculous law enforcement re Pit Bulls I have ever heard of. Come on folks, stick up for this misunderstood breed. Law makers stop this nonsense,

  7. Robin Genell says:

    This legislature is completely unfounded and unfair. Dogs are not “bad” especially in a general sense of certain breeds. The owners are wrong when behavior is poor, not the animals.

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