Montreal Suburb Passes Anti-BSL Resolution, While Montreal City Ban Suspended Indefinitely

Earlier this month, at the same time as the proposed ban on pit bulls in Montreal was suspended indefinitely by a judge in that city, pending the continued legal challenge by the Montreal SPCA, and emphatic anti-BSL protests from around the globe, a suburb of Montreal passed a resolution against breed specific legislation.


Montreal is now appealing the suspension decision; please add your name to the petition here!


Per CBCNews, Beaconsfield, an on-island suburb of Montreal, passed their anti-BSL resolution last week.  This resolution was sponsored by City Councillor, Karen Messier. Beaconsfield Mayor Georges Bourelle, who signed the resolution and rejected the fallacies of BSL, proclaimed that all their animals are “sentient beings and deserve protection.”

Rescued from Manhattan Animal Care & Control, Luna can't hear you, but he feels Leah's love
Rescued from Manhattan Animal Care & Control, Luna can’t hear you, but she feels Leah’s love




Earlier this year, in keeping with this progressive viewpoint, that city opened one of Montreal’s largest dog parks.  At that time, Mayor Bourelle stated, “Safety and respect for the rights and freedoms of all citizens are principles that we promote in Beaconsfield.  In order to respect dog lovers, we wish to provide them with a space where their pets can run freely.”

Kendall, a FL adoptable girl, sharing smiles with foster sister Haley
Kendall, a FL adoptable girl, sharing smiles with foster sister Haley. Click the photo for contact info.

Regarding the anti-BSL resolution, Mayor Bourelle said that his city’s bylaws, which judge a dog solely on its behavior, will determine if any dog, regardless of breed, should be deemed dangerous and muzzled:

“If the dog’s behavior continues to be dangerous it could eventually be euthanized. But again, it is for any dog, not breed-specific.”

Miracle smiles a huge snaggletooth grin when hanging with big dogs, and wearing her sweaters. NY adoptable, click photo for contact info.
Miracle’s snaggletooth grin appears when hanging with big dogs. NY adoptable, click photo for contact info.

BSL negatively impacts dogs and their owners.  Innocent dogs such as Zinnia, featured above, who was rescued from Carson in California, after being dumped twice.  For Zinnia, her third human was a charm.  Now she lives safely with her adoring owner, Natasha, on the other side of the US.


Leah, a FL adoptable, loves couch snuggles while watching her favorite tv shows
Lea, a FL adoptable, loves couch snuggles while watching her favorite shows – click photo for contact info.

Had she been a resident of Montreal, when the ban was initially passed, Natasha would surely have feared for her girl’s safety.  She tells Shelter Me, “People fear what they don’t know and they hate what they fear!!!”


Shelter Me will continue to follow the story as it develops in Montreal, and in other cities affected by BSL around the world.


Yes, we do feel for the victims of any dog attack.  It is a horrible situation for the victim as well as their family.  But judging and condemning entire breeds, making innocent families suffer without cause, is equally vicious.  We applaud Beaconsville for taking a far more rational approach.


Skywalker, feel the power of his cuteness. FL adoptable, click link for contact info.
Skywalker, feel the power of his cuteness. FL adoptable, click photo for contact info.



Many of the great dogs you see here are looking for homes; each photo has a clickable link. For a list of current regulations in US states regarding BSL, please click here.  For Facebook groups who are working to repeal BSL, click here and here.


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Lisa Blanck

Writing articles about animals for more than 22 years, she dove into the rescue world with the onset of Hurricane Katrina. As an outspoken advocate for animals, she's covered everything from paws to hooves, fins to feathers. She was the Orlando Animal Rescue and Worldwide Animal Issues Examiner for seven years. She's always thinking pawsitive, looking for ways to improve the lives of animals. She lives with one dog, one cat and one patient human. She welcomes your suggestions and is thrilled to be part of the family!


  1. Sawyerbabe16 says:

    I’ve had a lab and a pitbull at the same time and the lab bit me hard enough to draw blood before the pitbull ever even growled at me. And it was my fault my pitbull growled at me. She’d just had puppies and we were holding them when the one I was holding, the runt, started whinging. Thats when she growled. She didn’t snap or snarl, she growled at me as a warning to give her her baby back. The lab was aggressive and mean, but my pitbull loved to lay on the couch and snuggle. So tell me why pitbulls are the one’s with the bad rep when ALL the pitbull I’ve ever met just want love and kisses.

  2. Barbara Galliera says:

    Let’s Ban Montreal N.Y., USA Bans Montreal. Pit Bull Lives Matter. All Dogs Lives Matter

  3. Sally Jordan says:

    BSL has never and will never work. To ban something because of its looks is crazy! It’s like saying everyone with a tattoo is dangerous which is blatantly incorrect! Take a look at the right end of the lead!

  4. Patti leibrecht says:

    please not not kill any Pittbulls they are just wonderful dog’s check out the people that have them.all dog’s should be fix so they do not over populate and get stuck in Shelter’s and mis treated. All Dogs are Good and loving if treated kind and given a chance

  5. Grace says:

    Cane Corsos should be banned very dangerous dogs not pit bulls it’s because our Mayor in Montreal, Canada is an idiot the woman who was killed in June was a boxer not a pit bull it’s the owners who are bad in raising them

  6. Terilynn Bennett says:

    Please see how loving they are with living family. It is the people who own them who are the ones you should blame for the cruel way that some of the breed act, not the dog. That is like saying one man harmed another, should we punish every man?

  7. Dorothy says:

    I truly believe that Montreal should lift the BSL ban so these people and their animals can get on with their lives(and I’m a firm believer that the only people that should be punished for any type of crime or abuse towards any animal)should be the ones that get the ban put against them!!!innocent people and their animals shouldn’t have to suffer because of other people’s mistakes??innocent people’s lives have nothing to do with other people’s choices they make(no one tells any one to go do stuff,you make you’re own choices in an should be held accountable for them,,not other people that are living their lives by the book!!!!never ever judge a breed until you’ve researched it fully!!!!Ignorance doesn’t pay?

  8. Mongoose218 says:

    I have to wonder why, and what, brought on this apparently sudden decision to ban Pit bulls and Pit bull mixes…….

    It doesn’t work; it demonizes an entire breed of dog and their owners; “tough guys” and dog fighters merely go on to the NEXT big breed “scary” dog, in Miami its often Cane Corsos, which are NOT banned (and shouldn’t be) while Pit bulls ARE banned (and shouldn’t be)….my point is, there is always another breed that can be trained, beaten, abused and “taught” to fight and be ultra aggressive.

    30 years ago and more the media demonized Doberman Pinschers…….THEY were the “pit bulls” of that era……sad to say, most people don’t know, never knew or don’t remember that…..or only in a vague way. The “evolution” of Doberman Pinschers shows how how stupid, erratic, and subjective the media-driven FEAR and HATRED of a specific breed is.

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