Neglected Senior Dog Found In Trash Bag Finally Healthy Enough To Leave Hospital

A badly neglected dog, found in a trash bag in Brooklyn, New York, in December, has finally recuperated enough from his ailments to leave the veterinary hospital where he was being treated. The senior shepherd mix, dubbed Saint Vincent, was discharged from the Veterinary Emergency and Referral Group on January 5 – two weeks after he had been brought in by NYPD officers and the New York Bully Crew.

The Veterinary Hospital shared the exciting news of St. Vincent’s release with its Facebook followers:

🚨 BIG NEWS!!! 🚨

Our buddy, Saint Vincent, was officially discharged today.

It was our absolute honor to be a chapter in Saint Vincent’s life and to help him get what he needed to start again. We thank you for your thoughts, prayers, and donations in Saint Vincent’s name.

When the elderly dog first arrived at the veterinary hospital, he was in dismal condition. Brett Levitzke, a veterinarian, commented on St. Vincent’s pitiful condition, “I’ve been doing only emergency for 17 years and this is, I think by far, one of the most dramatic cases I’ve ever seen.” Despite the neglected dog’s tremendous discomfort, he never displayed anything but kindness to those who were caring from him.

Now that St. Vincent has been released, he will remain with New York Bully Crew until a forever home can be found.

Find New York Bully Crew on Facebook here.

Veterinary Emergency and Referral Group on Facebook here.

(Images via VERG Facebook)

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  1. Dawn Galloway says:

    So sickening to see a senior dog this way ( or any dog) treated like garbage. I hope the piece of crap that did this is caught. People make me sick!!!

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