New Florida ‘Animal Friend’ Spay And Neuter License Plate Revealed

New Florida Animal Friend Spay and Neuter Tag

If you like animals, here’s a way you can show everyone how much you care, while supporting animal shelters, rescues and organizations in Florida.  The new ‘Animal Friend’ specialty license plate will soon be available!



New Florida Animal Friend Spay and Neuter Tag
New Florida Animal Friend Spay and Neuter Tag!


Many of you may have the original Animal Friend tag, first made available in 2005, featuring Charlie and Max:


Original Animal Friend plate
Original Animal Friend plate


Charlie and Max represent the countless dogs and cats across the state of Florida who are not spayed or neutered; many of their offspring end up at shelters.


The funds raised from these tags are distributed to Florida Animal Friend (FAF) Inc.  FAF’s mission is to cut down on unwanted cats and dogs by supporting organizations who offer free or low-cost s/n services throughout Florida.  More than $478,000 has been awarded to 22 statewide organizations through the sale of the plate. For the list of recipients in 2016, click here.


You can get the new license plate at tax collector and tag agency offices beginning October 7.   There is a $25 fee in addition to the other registration fees.  There are thousands and thousands of animal lovers in Florida; according to FAF, almost 20,000  people have registered the tag. Ninety percent of the fees collected must go directly to support s/n programs; less than 10% can be used for promoting the plate, so your purchase will be put to good use!


Want one for your vehicle without waiting online?  Here’s the link with all the details!


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Lisa Blanck

Writing articles about animals for more than 22 years, she dove into the rescue world with the onset of Hurricane Katrina. As an outspoken advocate for animals, she’s covered everything from paws to hooves, fins to feathers. She was the Orlando Animal Rescue and Worldwide Animal Issues Examiner for seven years. She’s always thinking pawsitive, looking for ways to improve the lives of animals. She lives with one dog, one cat and one patient human. She welcomes your suggestions and is thrilled to be part of the family!


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