New Inmate Program Creates Repurposed Linen Dog Beds For Shelter

Homeless dogs at Colorado’s Foothills Animal Shelter were the recipients of wonderful Christmas gifts this year thanks to a new inmate program through the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office. The new program involves inmates re-purposing old linens and jail uniforms into dog beds.

On December 23, the Sheriff’s Office explained the variety of benefits the new program offers for everyone involved:

In addition to the environmental benefits and canine comfort, the program also offers inmates an opportunity to learn the life skill of sewing.

Richard Eveleigh, executive director of the animal shelter, commented on how the program benefits the inmates to the Highlands Ranch Herald, “They’re doing something that helps another living being have a better quality of life, that’s a very selfless thing to do.” Not only does the project help provide fresh, comfortable bedding for the homeless dogs, but it helps keep the inmates productive, gives them purpose and helps provide them with skills which can be used after they are released.

Jefferson County Sheriff Jeff Shrader stated, “The hope is they can be productive once they get out,” Shrader added. “If somebody can learn those things along the way, I think that’s beneficial.”

The bed delivery was a festive production – on December 23, the Sheriff’s Office posted photos of the special delivery to its Facebook page, along with a few words about what was taking place:

“This week Santa Shrader and his elves made a special delivery to the Foothills Animal Shelter just in time for the holidays!
They arrived at the shelter in a patrol sleigh, escorted by the best motorcycle “reindeer” in town. At the shelter, Sheriff Shrader unveiled to the media a new program with which we’re partnering with FAS to provide dog beds for the shelter pups.”

And of course, the shelter staff was thrilled with the wonderful gifts of comfort as well:

Thank you, Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office for bringing Santa today to spread some holiday cheer! Our furry friends in the shelter will be even cozier this winter thanks to the beds Santa and his Elves brought.

Find the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office on Facebook here.

Find the Foothills Animal Shelter on Facebook here.

(Images via Facebook/Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office and Foothills Animal Shelter)

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