Susie’s Senior Dogs Hopes To Find ‘Stress Reliever’ A Home Of Her Own

Senior dog needs a home

Eight-year-old “Sarah,” has been described as a stress reliever…the type of dog whose very presence can whisk away the problems of the world. Sarah, an American bulldog mix, is currently without a home – in fact, she was recently the only dog who did not get adopted from the Lucky Paws Pet adoption center inside of the Coronado Mall in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


On Friday, the non-profit organization, Susie’s Senior Dogs, promoted sweet Sarah on its sizable (over 580,000 fans) Facebook page. The organization, which works to bring awareness to and increase senior dog adoptions, stated:

Sarah is just the kind of dog who you want to come home to after work each day. Described as a “stress reliever,” she is the perfect companion who will always listen to your woes and be a blocky-head to cry on.

Susie’s Senior Dogs added:

She’s well behaved in the home and she is truly just looking for a comfy place to retire in. Don’t we all need a stress-free friend?

Stress reliever Sarah

Beautiful Sarah is currently in foster care with an employee of Lucky Paws, whose mission is to “serve as tireless champions for the animals of Albuquerque by providing them the finest care available along with hands-on assistance in finding happy homes.”

According to Lucky Paws, Sarah has previously lived with other dogs, but she is recommended to be the “only dog” in the home – cats, unfortunately, are a no-go for this senior gal.

Despite Sarah’s age, she still enjoys going for walks, rides in the car and the occasional rough and tumble of fun of playtime. Overall, despite her capacity to engage in physical activity, she is described as a “calm and gentle soul.”

Senior dogs are often overlooked by potential adopters, but they have so much to offer…aside from unconditional love (and stress relief!) this pretty senior is already housebroken and well beyond the destructive stage of her life.

The staff at Lucky Paws loves Sarah and they hope to see her find a home soon. Adoption information:

  • Email: (Reference ID# 1579209)
  • Or call 505.764.1100 (reference ID#1579209
  • Petharbor link here

Find Susie’s Senior Dogs on Facebook here.

Learn more about the Lucky Paws Pet Adoption Center here.







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