Non-Profit Builds Off-Leash Area For Homeless Women’s Dogs

Women who call a church parking lot in Kirkland, Washington, “home” have just received a beautiful gift for their dogs. On Saturday, the non-profit organization, Fences for Fido, created an off-leash dog park area which will give the women’s pets space to run and play.

Approximately 40-50 homeless women are part of the Safe Parking Program. Because of the Lake Washington United Methodist Church, homeless women (and their families) have a safe place to park their vehicles without fear of harassment or being ticketed. And now, thanks to volunteers with Fences for Fido, the women’s dogs are able to have a safe place to stretch their legs.

Cheryl, one of the program participants, explained to King 5 News what the new fenced area means for her dog, Shiloh:

“Huge deal. To be able to get her out of the back seat, to have her be able to romp and play and run free for a while.”

Michele Coppola of Fences for Fido, added:

“The fact that the church has stepped up and is utilizing their facilities to help these women makes it even more important that we step up and help them keep their pets because their pets are their family and their friends.”

In a Facebook post, Fences for Fido alerted fans about the new dog area which was created:

“Yesterday, Fences For Fido had the honor of building an off-leash dog run for the pets of women who are homeless and living in their vehicles. These dogs often spend 20+ hours in a car each day, and this is the very spirit of our mission.”

Learn more about the Safe Parking Program here.

Learn more about Fences for Fido here.

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  1. Elaine Whinston says:

    What a wonderful program!
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  2. Elaine Whinston says:

    What a wonderful program!

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