Ohio Shelter Rescues Hundreds Of Animals From House Of Horrors

Nearly 200 animals have been rescued from a house of horrors in Ohio. On April 20, the Ohio SPCA stated that the Adoption Center had to be shut down to allow staff and volunteers to care for the animals who were taken in from a living situation which has been described as “horrendous.”

Rescuers with the Ohio SPCA Response Team had to don hazmat suits to rescue the animals who were existing in cramped, filthy cages inside of the home. The Ohio SPCA described what the team encountered:

The Ohio SPCA Response Team ended with nearly 200 animals being freed from horrendous conditions that were far from life-sustaining. The ammonia level and fecal dust were overwhelming as the rescuers fought their way among debris and feces to free multiple species from waste-filled crates and cages within the home. The breeding/hoarding situation was among the worse the Ohio SPCA has encountered in decades of life-saving work.

The animals, which included chickens, rabbits, Guinea pigs, cats, dogs, birds and Sugar Gliders, had suffered greatly from a lack of care. According to the shelter, some did not survive and those who did were “extremely lethargic,” and lacking muscle and fat on their bodies.

Thanks to the rescue team effort, the 195 animals taken away from the home are now receiving quality food, veterinary care, and perhaps for the first time in their life, fresh air.

On Friday, the shelter advised Facebook followers that the animals are not currently available for adoption. The statement reads:

NOTICE: All of the animals removed during this week’s cruelty investigation are not available for adoption at this moment while the investigation continues. We very much appreciate all those who have expressed interest in adopting. As the animals become available, we will post an announcement. Each animal is currently undergoing our regular intake, quarantine, veterinary treatment, and pre-adoption assessment procedure as we do when any animal comes into our adoption center. Since they are a part of an investigation, their availability to be adopted will take a little longer. We certainly understand your excitement and we value your patience. When they are available, we will announce it and at that time we will then accept applications for adoption.

Donations to help with this monumental rescue effort can be made at this link to the Ohio SPCA.

Ohio SPCA on Facebook here.

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(Images via Ohio SPCA Facebook page)


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