Painful Dog Experiments At V.A. Centers Defunded By U.S. House

Taxpayer-funded torture of dogs may very soon be a thing of the past. Introduced earlier this month in the U.S. House, the PUPPERS Act (Preventing Unkind and Painful Procedures and Experiments on Respected Species) was unanimously approved on the House floor on Wednesday.

This bi-partisan amendment would prohibit the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) from conducting medical research on dogs and disallow painful, distressing experiments.  To keep up the momentum, please contact your Senate reps here and ask them to support the PUPPERS Act to permanently end taxpayer-funded cruelty.

Rep. Dave Brat (R-Va.) and Rep. Dina Titus (D-Nev.) were sponsors of the original bill; when signed, the Brat Amendment, as it was officially labeled, was cosponsored by Reps. Ted Poe (R-Texas), Ro Khanna (D-Ca.), Brian Mast (R-Fla.), and Ted Lieu (D-Ca).

As to how this change was made possible, extensive violations of federal animal welfare regulations at the taxpayer-funded V.A. Medical Center in Richmond, VA, were brought to light by the White Coat Waste Project.   Rep. Brat became involved, calling the revelations “disturbing, horrific and inhumane,” and went on to say,

the descriptions are almost on the scale of torture.”

He continued, “(the conditions) are not meeting the highest standards and healthy puppies are suffering through induced heart attack studies. The VA’s first priority should be caring for our veterans, not harming man’s best friend.”

Courtesy, Beagle Freedom Project

The bill clearly sets out defined expectations which prohibit taxpayer-funded “pain or distress for puppies.” Per Rep. Titus, “the bill would benefit both our vets and our four-legged friends.”

The Humane Society sent out a call to action earlier today, asking advocates to  contact their representatives to vote in favor of the amendment – and your voices were heard!

“The Humane Society of the United States and Humane Society Legislative Fund applaud the House passage of the PUPPERS  amendment.”

Said Rep. Brat, “My family had a Doberman and he was part of our family. I cannot imagine conducting these types of tests on man’s best friend.”

The VA Medical Center in LA halted planned tests on narcoleptic dogs last month, leaving four VA facilities with dog testing laboratories.  This amendment helps dogs at VA facilities across the country.

Wayne Pacelle, President and CEO of The HSUS, applauded the passage of the amendment and said, “This decision is a win for the dogs within VA facilities as well the future of research.” reported previously on the groundbreaking efforts on behalf of animals by the White Coat Waste Project.  According to WCW, most Americans want funding for animal experimentation cut off.  You can learn more about them here and join their fight.  60,979 dogs were used in the U.S. for “research, testing, teaching, or experimentation” in 2016, according to NAVS.

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Lisa Blanck

Writing articles about animals for more than 22 years, she dove into the rescue world with the onset of Hurricane Katrina. As an outspoken advocate for animals, she's covered everything from paws to hooves, fins to feathers. She was the Orlando Animal Rescue and Worldwide Animal Issues Examiner for seven years. She's always thinking pawsitive, looking for ways to improve the lives of animals. She lives with one dog, one cat and one patient human. She welcomes your suggestions and is thrilled to be part of the family!


  1. Robyn Wilson says:

    I am going to reach out to my reps in PA. Thank you for this article. I hope our government supports more anti-cruelty measures.

  2. Gianna Lisa Salvatori says:

    Animals suffers just like humans

  3. Susan Brand says:

    Who’s going to do the investigating for a definitive truthful outcome.
    I believe they will continue their sneaky
    inhumane ways.

  4. .Michele Kelefas says:

    This is not what our government is for or where tax dollars should go.
    Shameful practice

  5. Barbara mullins says:

    Animals suffer in so many forms. Let’s give animals a leg up.

  6. Nancy O'Neal says:

    Too long have we relied on barbaric and outdated methods for testing products. By putting living, conscious animals through torturous. often fatal experiments, we are in fact undermining the basic law of morality, “do unto others as you would want them to do unto you”. There are plenty of even more reliable ways to test these days as we are all aware of. Decency demands a less primitive and more civilized approach to many things as we, the human race, hopefully evolve. This field is among those that cry out for major improvements which can be easily implicated. I beg you to do so ASAP.

  7. Elizabeth Roenbeck says:

    Stop this cruelty!

  8. Susan Brand says:

    Disturbing and unethical to use animals in
    Research. This needs to stop now and forever around the world.

  9. Bella Wolfe says:

    No need for this terrible cruelty!

  10. Leonie Argent says:

    Stop this barbarism NOW!

  11. Johanna says:

    This barbaric and antiquated. Pathetic and disgusting.

  12. Lesleigh Walsh says:

    Shouldn’t of ever been allowed to begin with

  13. JERRY EDELMAN says:

    It’s about time the government did something that is MORALLY CORRECT…Stopping animal cruelty wherever it exists should be a PRIORITY for our government, NOT an afterthought.

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