Parole Denied For Caitlyn The Dog’s Abuser


According to Caitlyn’s Comeback, on October 11, the S.C. Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services denied parole for Caitlyn the dog’s abuser.  William Dodson will remain behind bars for that crime for the next six months.

The Charleston Animal Society has been working for justice for the Staffie who, in 2015, was found roaming the streets with her muzzle bound shut with electrical tape. Prosecutors believed she had been in that condition for at least 36 hours.   After he was arrested, Dodson claimed he did it because ‘she wouldn’t stop barking’.

courtesy, Caitlyn’s Comeback @Iamcaitlyn/Facebook


Though the physical scars from her torture are still visible, and she’s undergone several reconstructive surgeries, her enthusiasm for her life now is a joy to behold.  The Director of Charleston’s anti-cruelty wing, Aldwin Roman, stated,

“She’s getting to finally be a normal dog.  She goes for walks, running, goes to the beach, playing, and she can bark. She can bark as much as she wants and no one is going to try to tape her mouth shut ever again.”

Courtesy, Caitlyn’s Comeback/Facebook @iamcaitlyn


The seven member parole board unanimously denied Dodson his parole.  Members of Charleston Animal Society and local animal advocates were also present at the hearing to represent for Caitlyn.  Earlier in the week, the public were asked to speak out for Caitlyn.

At his original sentencing in March, the judge in the case called Caitlyn’s  ordeal “hell on Earth”, sentencing 43-year-old Dodson to five years in prison for felony mistreatment of animals.  He was partially credited with time served, but will now serve the remaining six months of that sentence.  After that time, he will be transferred to federal prison for charges unrelated to Caitlyn’s case.

Thank you for being the voice for the voiceless.  #JusticeforCaitlyn.

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Lisa Blanck

Writing articles about animals for more than 22 years, she dove into the rescue world with the onset of Hurricane Katrina. As an outspoken advocate for animals, she's covered everything from paws to hooves, fins to feathers. She was the Orlando Animal Rescue and Worldwide Animal Issues Examiner for seven years. She's always thinking pawsitive, looking for ways to improve the lives of animals. She lives with one dog, one cat and one patient human. She welcomes your suggestions and is thrilled to be part of the family!


  1. Robert Gowins says:

    That is so awesome I hope he never has a another animal in his life

  2. Crystal says:

    This is great news. If we could get more judges to start thinking like this there is no doubt some folks would start to think twice.

  3. JERRY EDELMAN says:

    JUSTICE FOR CAITLYN #PunishAnimalAbusers TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW. If these criminals know they are going to be punished severely maybe they will think twice before doing such heinous crimes against innocent animals.

  4. Denices Gomez diaz says:

    Justice is a wonderful thing

  5. Pam says:

    More should have to pay this price, maybe it would end this horrible practice of abuse on animals

  6. TERRY FURLONG says:


  7. Elaine Whinston says:

    Glad to hear he will serve a prison term.
    Hope it will set a precedent!

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