Partnerships Clear South Carolina Shelter To Help Flood Victims

SC Shelter Cleared

On Wednesday morning, 17 dogs left a flood-ravaged area of Horry County, South Carolina, and made their way to Ohio’s Cleveland Animal Protective League. The rescue effort was made possible by a partnership between the Humane Society of the United States, the Cleveland Animal Protective League and the Horry County Animal Shelter.


As a result of the devastating flooding caused by Hurricane Matthew, the Horry County Animal Care Center needed to move existing dogs out of the facility in order to make room for dogs who were displaced from their flooded homes.

On Thursday, the Cleveland Animal Protective League commented on their choice to take in dogs from the Horry County Animal Shelter, “None of these dogs have owners who will be looking for them. As we currently have open cages on our adoption floor, and the vast majority of these dogs were either already available or are very close to being available for adoption, we said yes.” The organization added, “The Cleveland APL is proud to be a part this emergency lifesaving collaboration that will allow shelters in flooded areas to focus their efforts on providing care for displaced animals who hopefully can be reunited with their families. We thank HSUS for the lifesaving role they’re playing in this rescue.”


Other rescue agencies stepped up to help take in the displaced dogs. On Wednesday, the Horry County Animal Care Center expressed gratitude for the help they had received:

Today was amazing. After some long days & nights planning and coordinating with our newly adopted family, the HSUS, we cleared the shelter! 63 dogs were loaded up and transferred to rescue partners in PA & OH and we are really appreciative to our new friends. This will allow us to make room for the flood victims coming in as waters continue to rise.


According to the Cleveland Animal Protective League, the incoming dogs will be available for adoption soon. Click here to find the shelter’s website. Read more about the Humane Society of the United States’ efforts to help flood victims here.

Horry County Animal Care Center on Facebook here.

Penny Eims

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