Pet Dogs And Drink Coffee At Florida’s First Dog Cafe!

Photo credit: Jacksonville Dog Cafe

Our two favorite things, adoptable dogs and coffee, are now available in one magical location. That location is the just-opened Jacksonville Dog Cafe, in Jacksonville, Florida.

Photo credit: Jacksonville Dog Cafe

Founder Carolyn Snowden was inspired by a similar dog cafe in Los Angeles — the country’s first such establishment, which opened last spring.

“I was just hooked. I thought ‘God, what a great concept. Why just LA? Why not every city possible?’” Snowden said to the Jacksonville Business Journal.

Photo credit: Jacksonville Dog Cafe

After a series of pop-ups — pup-ups? — starting last summer, the nonprofit Jacksonville Dog Cafe proper opened its doors on Feb. 11.

The cafe is, as yet, only open on Saturdays, from 10 in the morning until mid-afternoon. It’s located in the back of a barber shop, and the coffee is free — as is the dog petting.

The dogs — affiliated with a handful of local rescue groups — come in just before the cafe opens. “They lay around, take walk a with visitors and are social with everyone until we close,” Snowden tells Shelter Me. After closing time, they go home to their foster families.

Photo credit: Jacksonville Dog Cafe

Adoptions can be initiated at the dog cafe, too, though adopters must still go through background checks and home visits, before the applications are approved.

Snowden proudly says a dozen adoptions have gone through since the pop-ups got off the ground — and one more, since the cafe itself opened.

My favorite moments have been mostly children interacting with the dogs. Their expressive faces light up when they get to spend time with these dogs,” she says. “The Jacksonville Dog Cafe is a place where lots of great things are happening.”

You definitely want to go visit the Jacksonville Dog Cafe, which is located at 5535 Roosevelt Boulevard in Jacksonville, Florida. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for schedule changes and special events.

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Arin Greenwood

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