Pet Funeral Home in New York Helps Families Say a Loving Goodbye

With more than half of all Americans owning at least one pet, a funeral director with more than 30 years of experience has opened a funeral home for pets in Lockport, New York. The grand opening of Pets in Peaceful Rest, LLC on November 20 allows families to say a loving goodbye to their pet.

Pet funeral home now open in Lockport, NY
Pet funeral home now open in Lockport, NY

Scott Schmidt and his family recently transformed a vacant building in Lockport into a place dedicated to helping people honor their pets. Scott is President of Pets in Peaceful Rest. As a funeral director in Albion, Scott had been asked numerous times about funeral services for pets. Now that it’s legal under New York law for people to be buried with their pets, he decided the time had come to fill the need for a pet funeral home. His new business offers a Rainbow Bridge Room and a state-of-the-art crematory.

Pets in Peaceful Rest hits home for Scott and his wife, who is also a pastor. Their Great Dane has been diagnosed with a bone tumor at only four years old. Scott describes the philosophy of the human-pet relationship and the need to say goodbye in a dignified manner. Scott recently explained his concept in an interview with WGRZ News

“The options have just opened up. And the need for ceremony, the need for the opportunity to say goodbye, because pets are your family. They’re not like your family, they are your family.They give you unconditional love, and they deserve dignity and respect when they pass away just as we do as humans.”

A selection of pet caskets and pet urns are available for purchase
A selection of pet caskets and pet urns are available for purchase

Services include transportation of the pet from the home or veterinary hospital to their facilities, private family goodbyes or pet memorial services, pet memorial products, assistance with pet cemetery arrangements and delivery of the urn with the cherished pet’s cremated remains back to the home. The latter is an important service, as picking up a pet following cremation can be almost as devastating as the actual death of a beloved pet. It can also be arranged for the family to witness the cremation process if they so desire.

More information on Pets in Peaceful Rescue, including pricing and services available, can be found via their website.

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