Petco Foundation working round-the-clock for flood victims

Less than one week ago, flooding began in many areas of Louisiana. The Petco Foundation immediately began reaching out to animal welfare partners to offer support – tragically, what began as minor flooding morphed into epic and widespread devastation. The constant deluge of rain continued and animal shelters were quickly flooded by what has been referred to as the “one in one thousand year flood.”


Animal shelters and rescue agencies not impacted by the flooding have been reaching out to help take in the displaced animals. Meanwhile, the Petco Foundation is doing its utmost to help by donating funds to help support the agencies impacted by this unprecedented disaster. On Sunday, the Petco Foundation posted photos of the impacted shelters on Facebook, along with an update about funds donated thus far:

As you can see in these photos, shelters which had very little to begin with were entirely destroyed in the flood. And while their immediate focus is on rescuing and caring for animals, they also will have to rebuild their animal shelters.This is why the Petco Foundation has already donated more than $200,000 to these local groups.

The need to help continues to grow. On August 19, the Petco Foundation launched a nationwide fundraising campaign to help the Louisiana pets who have been impacted by this natural disaster. The Foundation wrote, “All money raised will go directly to the local Louisiana groups on the ground working tirelessly to save lives.”


You can help the Petco Foundation as they work to offer assistance to agencies impacted by this epic natural disaster – donations to support the Petco Foundation can be made at this link. The Petco Foundation has commented on how the funds will be used, “Distribution of funds will be made to organizations severely impacted by the flood in collaboration with the local Louisiana animal welfare groups leading the recovery efforts.”

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Read more about the agencies helped so far at this link to the Petco Foundation.

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Penny Eims

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    I just wanted to donate some money, but they told me the page was not (longer) existing! What´s wrong?

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      Hi Alexandra. You can make a donation here:
      Thank you for helping the animals.

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