Pilots N Paws Set To Rescue Close To 50 Animals From Whiteville, NC Shelter Impacted By Hurricane Matthew

Many areas of Eastern North Carolina are still being impacted negatively by Hurricane Matthew. Columbus County Animal Control, located in Whiteville, has seen a great increase in animals over the past day or so, with dogs and cats coming in faster than the shelter can get them safely to their new homes.


As the shelter was already full, this has been a real issue both as kennel space and available resources are strained. Several area rescues such as Paw’s Place in Brunswick County have assisted in saving animals affected by the hurricane.


Fortunately, Brother Wolf Animal Rescue from Ashville recently reached out to the shelter to save dogs and cats from the Whiteville area through their rapid response Hurricane Team. They will be saving over 25 dogs and a similar number of cats over the next few days.


As getting into and out of Columbus County is a bit of a challenge at the moment, the Pilots N Paws Pet Rescue team made their first flight out of the Columbus County Airport on Friday morning with the first of the animals. These pilots donate their time, fuel and the use of their planes to rescue animals.

Flights will continue through the weekend and shelter staff will be working all weekend to get the animals to the local airport. The Columbus Humane Society is assisting the shelter is obtaining all of the necessary travel paperwork for these animals.

Many people have called and asked how they can help. Those wishing to support these efforts may donate to the two organizations at their websites and those wishing to donate supplies to the shelter may take them to 288 Legion Drive in Whiteville.

Pilots N Paws photos provided by Columbus County Animal Control Director Joey Prince.

Elisa Taylor

Elisa's articles have helped save thousands of the shelter pets she writes about, along with animal welfare and cruelty case articles which are published on Pictures-of-cats.org as well as her personal website at Nationalcatexaminer.com (National Cat Reporter). Elisa lives with her daughter and a multitude of cats (including one cat­-dog named Cujo). As a writing "addict" Elisa enjoys sharing interesting stories with other animal lovers.


  1. Lisa Hurley says:

    My husband and I are willing to foster with the intent to adopt a non shedding dog if at all possible. We reside in Freehold, NJ. My email is fruitnut6@yahoo.com. if you are interested in us please contact me. Our baby snoflake passed away about 14 months ago. We are still dealing with the loss so we figured to start by fostering if possible. Let me know.

  2. Debi Webb says:

    I am very good friends with one of the Pilots N Paws pilots, Scott Messinger and I can tell you firsthand, that these amazing people are so selfless when it comes to reaching into their own pockets to use their own planes, pay for their fuel and transport animals to rescues, FREE OF CHARGE! Just incredible! A HUGE shoutout to all of the pilots for this organization country wide!

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