Pit Bull Mix From Shelter Joins Police Force To Work In Narcotics Detection

On Tuesday, the Ferris ISD Police Department (Ferris, Texas) introduced a pit bull mix named “Storm” to its Facebook followers. The young dog is joining the force to help keep area schools free from drugs.

The department explained how two agencies helped Storm become a narcotics dog:

Universal K9 along with Animal Farms Foundation have made it possible for Police Departments to acquire this breed for Police service. Ferris ISD Police Department is very fortunate in acquiring K-9 Storm who has been trained for Narcotics Detection.

Storm wasn’t a pricey acquisition from a breeder – but rather a former shelter dog who needed a second chance, reported DFW CBS News.  Sgt. John Julin with the Ferris ISD police department told the news agency, “Basically we give them a second chance at life. They’re just as good as $30,000 dollar dogs that you would get imported from overseas.”

K9 Storm, and another recent graduate, K9 Athena, were given their second chance thanks to Universal K9 and the Animal Farm Foundation. The dogs were specially selected from shelters and then put through a rigorous training program before joining forces with police handlers.

The dogs’ handlers are hopeful that students who interact with Storm and Athena will realize that pit bulls aren’t to be feared.  Officer Jody Bullard with the Dallas ISD police department explained, “You don’t get to see a pit bull in the schools. And I think with her being there, it might change some people’s minds about how they see pit bulls.”

Find Universal K9 on Facebook here.

Find the Animal Farm Foundation on Facebook here.

Ferris ISD Police Department on Facebook here.

Note: Athena and Storm (formerly known as Peach) were both pulled from Dallas Animal Services.

About the Animal Farm Foundation:

Animal Farm Foundation, Inc., a not-for-profit corporation, has been rescuing and re-homing animals, as well as making grants to other humane organizations, since the mid-1980’s.

We currently dedicate our resources to securing equal treatment and opportunity for “pit bull” dogs. Whether the dog is called a “pit bull” because of a documented pedigree, or merely on the basis of physical appearance, recognizing that these dogs are individuals for whom we are responsible is an integral step toward a compassionate future for all dogs.

About Universal K9

Universal K9 started as a for profit company in 2010 quickly realizing the greater mission. In early 2012 Universal K9 started saving dogs, training them and donating them to Law Enforcement Agencies nationwide! Universal K9s program is a triple win, saving dogs, to help law enforcement protect our communities all while saving tax payer dollars. To date Universal K9 has saved and placed hundreds of fully trained police dogs making the success of this program more than any other non-profit in this space. Unlike other programs, Universal K9s courses are APPROVED by the State Approving Agency making our training a step above any other Law Enforcement K9 training organization in Texas.




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