Police Bust Out Window To Save Dog And Warn Owners To ‘Stop Being Lazy’

Stop being lazy!

A police department in Florida has issued a stern warning to pet owners who might be tempted to leave their dog unattended in a parked car, “stop being lazy!”

The statement followed the rescue of a dog who was left inside of a parked vehicle on a hot day in Boynton Beach – the dog, a pit bull, was inside of a Buick and suffering from intense heat inside of the vehicle. On July 3, the Boynton Beach Police Department stated:

Repeat after us…it is never OK to leave your pet in an unattended vehicle. It is illegal and if you do it in the City of Boynton Beach, you are going to be cited for it – at a minimum.

The owner of this dog was not only cited, but she will be having to replace one of her car’s windows because the police had to break it out to save the dog’s life.

The Police Department recounted the situation to Facebook followers:

The car was off and all the windows were up. It was easily 110 degrees inside that car – if not more.
Officers responded around 10:30 a.m., and after several minutes of going store to store to locate the owner with no luck, Sgt. John Dunlop used his baton to break a window and rescue the dog.

The owner eventually returned to her car and told officers that she had just been to a dog park with her rescued dog – after leaving, she intended to use her bank’s drive-thru, but it was closed, so she went inside of the business and left her dog inside of the parked car. Long enough, it turns out, to get cited for a violation of Palm Beach County Ordinance 98-22,Section 24…dog left unattended in vehicle (and in this case, a busted window).

The dog was returned to the woman after that individual received some “educating” about the dangers of leaving dogs unattended in a parked vehicle. The Department explained:

Investigator Roehrich said most of the time she encounters dogs left in vehicles, the owners are otherwise responsible, loving and good caretakers. They just don’t know the law or they think that it’s OK if it’s only for a minute. We are here to tell you that it is not. Ever. For many reasons…like it’s very 🔥🔥🔥outside so imagine how your pet will suffer inside a car that’s ignition is off. Then there’s the chance someone will steal your car (and your pet) if you leave the ignition on.

The Department offered a final, harsh reminder:

Our advice, stop being lazy (harsh, yes, but true). Bring your pet home and then go back out to run whatever errands you need to do.
We are animal lovers, and we’re lucky our residents and visitors are too.

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Penny Eims

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  1. Shelly Renee Berchem says:

    Thank you officer for SAVING this precious pets life! Owners are not only lazy down right stupid. If the owner would not sit in a hot car with ALL windows up and no air on. What makes them think their family pet would want to????

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