Pop Artist To Perform Free Concerts At Animal Shelters in August and September

MAX is a popular artist who will get a lot more fans after people hear what he has in store for three animal shelters in the coming weeks.

MAX, a self-described “soul-pop” artist, recently had an eye-opening moment after one of his closest friends posed a deep question, “what are you proud of outside of doing just music?” MAX told Shelter Me that the “list was short.”

That question inspired MAX to reach out to the Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC) where he and his wife had adopted an adorable one-eyed silky terrier named “Wink.” MAX told Shelter Me, “I love him so much, it’s quite insane. I can’t imagine my life without him.”

MAX contacted ACC to pitch his idea: He and his guitarist Ryan performing live (and for free) at the animal shelter. (MAX and Ryan are the duo behind Party Pupils.)

His goal was simple: hold an acoustic concert to help draw attention to the incredible homeless animals who are waiting to be adopted from animal shelters. Suffice to say, the idea was a hit.

The New York animal shelter put MAX in touch with producer Steven Latham (creator of Shelter Me), who ironically had just been pondering the exact same idea. Latham connected with animal shelters in other cities where MAX is touring to help make this idea a reality.

The ball started to roll – the Downey Animal Care Center in Los Angeles and Chicago Animal Care and Control immediately jumped on board. Everyone was excited about the idea of an outdoor concert to highlight shelter pets and get more people to visit their local animal shelter.

Susan Russell, executive director of Chicago Animal Care and Control, told Shelter Me:

“CACC is very excited that MAX and Shelter Me have chosen the City shelter to spread the great word on shelter animals and the importance of volunteering, adopting and fostering to save more lives!”

Katy Hansen, Director of Marketing and Communications for Animal Care Centers of NYC, told Shelter Me:

“MAX has been a great supporter of Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC), having adopted his dog Wink at one of our mobile adoption events. Having MAX advocate for open-admissions shelters like ACC, awareness will spread to a whole new audience for us, increasing the amount of animals that find the loving homes they deserve. We are beyond excited to be included in MAX’s shelter tour schedule and look forward to introducing his community of fans to our community of animals!”

Shannon Asquith, Animal Control Manager for the Downey Animal Care Center expressed her gratitude to MAX, and her hopes for what the concert will do for the shelter:

“We are thrilled that MAX is playing a concert here at the Downey Animal Care Center! 
His effort reflects our desire for the Downey Animal Care Center to become a community center and resource for area residents. Everyone is invited to come out to enjoy the music and meet the animals! 
Everyone has a gift to help the animals. MAX is sharing his music with our patrons, staff, volunteers, and the animals. What better way to spend the afternoon then listening to music and meeting our adoptable animals! “
What can concert attendees expect? An acoustic performance at each of the shelters and tips on how people can get involved to help more pets adopted. MAX told Shelter Me:
“I’ll probably play for 20 or 30 minutes and then we’ll just play with all the animals which could be 20 minutes or 6 hours who knows. As long as the animals and shelter are comfortable with. We want to be able to help first timers understand fully what shelters are all about.”

MAX will have some special guests along the way (you’ll have to wait because it’s a surprise). MAX told Shelter Me, “my guests are just as passionate about the cause as we are- one even wrote a few songs made to specifically help relax dogs!”

Here is the upcoming animal shelter concert schedule (taking place after MAX performs on August 3 at Lollapalooza):

 Chicago on August 5 – RSVP here
(Chicago Animal Care and Control – 2741 S. Western Ave., Chicago, IL 60608)
New York City on August 12 – RSVP here
(Animal Care Centers of NYC – 326 East 110th Street, between 1st and 2nd Aves., New York, NY 10029)
Los Angeles on September 2 – RSVP here
(County of Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control, Downey Animal Care Center, 11258 South Garfield Avenue, Downey, CA 90242)

For more information about the shelter shows, please email: info@ShelterMe.tv

MAX ultimately hopes that animals will find homes and that eyes will be opened – he told Shelter Me, “I hope that people will show up and care.”

He added:

“I think it’s important to show how beautiful these shelters are and the important work they’re doing. I find a lot of people are afraid to go to shelters, or are only looking for a specific breed, but we hope that with this series we not only showcase how inviting and wonderful the shelters are but also spread the word about the animals.”

Check out MAX’s wildly popular YouTube video (over 8 million views!) for Lights Down Low:

MAX constantly tours the country and would like to continue giving free concerts at local animal shelters.
Here is his current tour schedule.
Join MAX’s nearly 1 million fans on Facebook here.
On Twitter here.
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Penny Eims

Penny is a freelance writer who provided content to her National Dog News column at Examiner.com for 8 years. She is a current contributor to Fido Friendly Magazine, as well as a newly formed website, Pet Rescue Report. Penny is married and she has two rescued German shepherds and two kids.

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  1. Melody Batchler says:

    I just wanted to say Thank You to MAX for not only adopting a shelter dog but for thinking about all the animals in all the shelters in all parts of the country. What a wonderful idea to share his music and compassion with the shelters and to make more people aware of the shelter animals. I volunteer at a small rural shelter in NC in a very poor county. The intake is high, education is needed about spay/neuter which we can’t stress enough! We work with every rescue we can and one of our main ones is in NJ. She comes once a month and takes all she can. The southern shelters are known for very high intake because of the spay and neuter problem and the rural settings with no guidelines. It is a sad situation so that is why I just wanted to tell MAX that our animals thank him for thinking about them and trying to raise awareness. Hope he has a wonderful tour!

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