Pup Cruelly Tossed Onto Interstate From Moving Car Now Has A Loving Home

A puppy cruelly tossed from the window of a moving car onto an Upstate South Carolina interstate has found a forever home after being treated for her injuries. In addition to a loving home, “Alyce” will have a fund created in her honor at Greenville County Animal Care Services to help dogs who are the victims of animal cruelty or are owner surrenders get the care needed before being adopted or rescued.

Alyce’s story began January 17 when Tracy Carr, 26, of Charleston, West Virginia was being driven home by her sister after being released from the Georgia Department of Corrections. The 8-week-old pit bull mix pup had tried to climb into the front seat and Carr’s sister asked Tracy to keep the little dog in the backseat. Moments later the sister heard a window roll down and a thud near mile marker 77 on Interstate 85 in Spartanburg County. Little Alyce had disappeared, and Tracy Carr was sitting calmly in the backseat acting as though nothing had happened.

Alyce after being thrown from a car onto Interstate 85

At first, Carr tried to say the window had rolled down on its own and the puppy had jumped out of the vehicle. She later said she “hoped the dog’s head exploded on the ground so that it died without feeling pain.”

Alyce was taken for treatment for a broken leg. Greenville County Animal Care is paying for her medical treatment with an off-site vet, including an operation the night of January 17. Tracy Carr was charged with ill treatment of an animal and taken to Spartanburg County Detention Center. Her bond is set at $1,000.

Carr remains at Spartanburg County Detention Center

Francine Bryson, an Upstate baker known for her appearance on CBS “The American Baking Competition” filled out papers to adopt Alyce after seeing her story on the local news. In an interview with The State, Francine described how she immediately fell in love

“I have a place for special needs dogs. I don’t know why, I’m an animal lover, always have been. When I saw her on TV, I looked at my husband and said, ‘baby, that’s our dog.’ She was so pretty. I just felt drawn to her.”

Bryson said she plans to rename the pup Anastasia Grace, or Annie, for short. Her stitches will come around the end of this month and Francine will have to monitor her to make sure she doesn’t further injury the leg. Francine feels a connection with her new pup. When she was 11, she had to have medical pins put in her hips.

On her Facebook page, Francine announced she will be hosting a country cooking cruise in May. The travel agency that is booking the cruise will be donating a portion of the cruise to the Greenville County Animal Care to help with all the animals that are and will be in their care.

As of January 26, Tracy Carr remains in custody at Spartanburg County Detention Center.

Elisa Taylor

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  1. Tammi Cannon says:

    Ppl like that don’t need animals. Reading that made me cry then it made me mad!! Someone should have thrown her from a moving car and let her see how that felt. She’s right where she needs to be.

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