Puppuccino Pals, A Campaign To Promote Shelter Adoptions

An animal shelter in Silverdale, Washington, has paired up with a local Starbucks to create the Puppuccino Pals campaign aimed at boosting shelter dog exposure and, ultimately, adoptions. Kimberly Cizek Allen, Events and Outreach Assistant Coordinator for the Kitsap Humane Society, explained how the idea came to be to Shelter Me:

In April, I worked with our local Starbucks to create an official Puppuccino Pals program. When volunteer Molly Clark brings a dog through the Starbucks drive through, Starbucks staff puts out a sign directing other customers to the KHS Instagram page @kitsaphumanesociety. We then post a photo of the Puppuccino Pal of the day enjoying his/her tasty treat in hopes of boosting exposure of that dog.


The outings, which happen on Tuesdays, accomplish several things – the dogs get out of the shelter environment, enjoy a car ride, and are treated to their own tasty Puppuccino (don’t worry, there’s no caffeine, just whipped cream in an espresso cup). Meanwhile, the dog has the opportunity to interact with area residents who may be inspired to add a four-legged friend to their family.

Cizek Allen told Shelter Me:

“Although it’s hard to say exactly how Puppuccino Pals has impacted adoption rates, we find that the shelter breaks improve the dogs’ shelter experience, reduce stress, and give them the opportunity to be dogs out in the community.”

Photos of the dogs enjoying their tasty Starbucks treats are also posted to the shelter’s Instagram account, which is steadily gaining more followers.


Find Kitsap Humane Society on Facebook here. Follow along on Instagram here. Find the list of adoptable pets at this shelter here.

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Penny Eims

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  1. Barbara Lane says:

    Great idea, gets the dogs out of the shelter and makes people aware that there are many shelter dogs that need to be adopted! If they are there too long they will be euthanized!

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