Rescue Agency Helps Find Injured Dog Who Disappeared After Horrible Crash

Rescue agency helps find dog missing after accident

A dog who disappeared after a horrific car crash on President George Bush Turnpike has been found thanks to a rescue agency in McKinney, Texas. Daisy Mae, an 11-month-old Labrador retriever mix, vanished after the horrible accident last week. The pup had been in the vehicle with Trenton Ray and his girlfriend, Erica Cruz – both were seriously injured in the crash.

Cruz utilized social media to help find her missing pup – after the accident, she recounted what happened:

 As we approached a complete standstill on George Bush on the overpass to exit for 75 South in the Richardson/ Plano area, we got slammed into by a 18 wheeler carrying other vehicles & caused a long train reaction car wreck afterwards.

She added:

In the mix of this tragedy, my sweet Baby, Daisy went missing. There were no signs of her deceased in the car which means she fell out of the car during the wreck. State Troopers ran up and down the highway looking for remains of her & nothing was found. Daisy ran from the scene & has been gone ever since.

Cruz explained that she and her boyfriend were unable to conduct a search for Daisy Mae and they asked for help – the plea for assistance was answered.

Mutts & Mayhem Animal Rescue coordinated a volunteer search effort and on Sunday, the news that everyone was waiting for was announced:

DAISY HAS BEEN FOUND!!!!…and she is alive and safe! We just arrived at the emergency animal hospital. It appears that Daisy likely has a fractured Pelvis and Femur. Her left leg is swollen twice the size that it should be. Daisy could no longer walk from her injuries…so had we not made our way to HER, she wouldn’t have been able to find help on her own.

The non-profit rescue agency is helping to raise funds for Daisy Mae’s recovery – donations are being accepted here.

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