Rescue Rebuild Helps Repair Hurricane Ravaged Shelter In Florida

More than six weeks after Hurricane Irma devastated the Florida Keys, many areas and facilities are still rebuilding, including the SPCA in Marathon, Florida.

Before Irma made landfall, every animal in the Florida Keys SPCA Key West and Marathon campus’s were safely evacuated and placed with loving fosters.  Some of these lucky pets have since become foster failures!  But the sheer magnitude of Irma’s winds and rain destroyed the outdoor kennels and pens in Marathon.

Courtesy, Florida Keys SPCA

Enter Rescue Rebuild, a group who has come to the rescue for many shelters across the country, and is close to the hearts of!  Once they saw these photos of the devastation from the 130 mph winds, Rescue Rebuild put the Florida Keys SPCA on the fast-track for assistance.

From November 4-12th, Rescue Rebuild will be at the shelter, rebuilding all of their outdoor play yards, adding shade structures and fresh paint. The interior of the shelter was also badly damaged from flooding, and Rescue Rebuild will be deep cleaning to ensure no mold or mildew will sicken the staff or residents while they wait for new homes.

Rescue Rebuild, a nonprofit organization,  is a volunteer program of, and was awarded the Shelter Hero of the Year award in 2014!  Recently, Rescue Rebuild joined Miranda Lambert’s MuttNation Foundation to build a new adoption center and dog park in Miranda’s hometown of Lindale, Texas.

Muttnation Station Rebuild, before…,

and after! Courtesy, Rescue Rebuild











According to Zach Baker, AKA ‘Bob the Builder’ from Rescue Rebuild, connected their organization with animal shelters in many areas hurricane-affected areas, including the Florida Keys SPCA.

“We knew that they were one of the ones that were hit hard.”

Rescue Rebuild is always looking ahead for ways to help shelter animals across the country, and would love to get you involved.  You don’t need any special skills – all you need is a love for animals and willingness to pitch in!

Sheba, adoptable bulldog mix at Florida Keys SPCA

Volunteers with Rescue Rebuild work on as many as 50 projects each year.  They helped in the rebuild of a sanctuary  for neglected animals, created to honor the memory of Catherine Violet Hubbard, a child killed in the Sandy Hook massacre.

The Keys shelters received a great deal of community support after Irma hit.  If you want to pitch in on the rebuild, or would like to sign up for future projects, please click here!  If you’re a shelter in need of help, click here to fill out a grant application.  If you can handle a paint brush, you can help make a shelter a homier place for an animal waiting for their forever home.

And if you want to wear you heart on your sleeve, or around your neck, is helping sponsor the upcoming Florida rebuild! They stepped up to the plate to help with the rebuild costs less than two weeks after ‘Irmageddon’.   Click here for a peek at the cool merch that will help get this shelter back on its paws and ready for business.


This week, Zach sent these new pictures from the Marathon rebuild, so you can see how vital their work is!

Marathon Rebuild, Courtesy, Rescue Rebuild

Marathon Rebuild, Courtesy, Rescue Rebuild










Looking for a new furry family member in the Keys?  Here’s a link to the shelter residents looking for you!  Rescue, repair, rebuild.  That’s what it’s all about.

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