Rescued Dog Holds Record For World’s Longest Canine Tongue

World's Longest Dog Tongue

A big dog, adopted from a Denver, Colorado, rescue group six-and-a-half years ago, holds the Guinness world record for having the longest dog tongue. The now eight-year-old Saint Bernard, named “Mochi,” has a super-sized tongue which measures an impressive 7.31 inches from snout to tip when it is fully extended.

Mochi “Mo” was adopted from the Big Dogs Huge Paws rescue agency by Carla and Craig Rickert.

Carla Rickert adores her family’s extra-large companion, and said that Mochi has brought “a lot of joy to our life,” with her calm demeanor and comical personality. Mochi’s enormous tongue means that there is always a mess around the water dish, and no shortage of slobber, but Rickert says that “it’s well worth it” for the happiness Mochi’s companionship brings.

Rickert added, “When we open that Guinness World’s Records book and see Mochi’s picture in there, we’re going to feel very proud.”

For those who want to see all of Mochi’s gloriously huge tongue, all that is needed is one of her favorite treats…peanut butter. Take a peek at Mochi in action in this Guinness World Record video.

Find the Big Dogs Huge Paws Rescue on Facebook at this link.

From the rescue group’s website:

Big Dogs Huge Paws was founded on the core philosophy is that every “BIG” dog deserves a chance. Our goal is to make sure that every dog receives only the best of care, food, and training. We will also ensure that they are properly evaluated (medically and behaviorally) and placed according to their special needs.

Penny Eims

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