Rescued Laboratory Beagles Experience Sweet Freedom

Sweet Freedom

Recently, seven Beagles tasted sweet freedom for the first time in their life after being rescued from life at a laboratory. The dogs, dubbed “The Prairie State Pups,” are Candy and Alaska (two puppies only a few months old), Chunky, Baxter, Leo, Harley and Teddy.

The Prairie State Pups are enjoying their new life of freedom thanks to the Beagle Freedom Project, a 501(c) organization which works to move Beagles who are no longer being used for research into loving, adoptive homes.

The first moments of these rescued pups’ freedom were captured on video…a joyful video which shows wildly wagging tails, happily lolling tongues and beautiful, grateful eyes on dogs who previously endured needles, gloved hands and a sad life inside of a cage.


When asked about where the Prairie State Pups were rescued from, Cate McKeating, the group’s Rescue and Adoptions Coordinator, told Shelter Me that the location of the laboratory that the dogs came from is confidential – she explained, “we sign confidentiality agreements with the laboratories in return for their promise to continue releasing animals to us.”

Sweet Freedom

The Prairie State Pups have left their former life long behind – in fact, they are currently enjoying the comforts of home with foster families. McKeating told Shelter Me:

All seven have adapted well – former research beagles can fit into families just as well as any other animal – they just require a little extra love and attention when they first get out because they are afraid of the big, bad world after a lifetime of torture. These boys and girls have been lucky enough to adjust very quickly, and many of their foster families have mentioned interest in adopting them!

Soon, these rescued pups will be living with their forever families – McKeating stated:

If all goes well, the dogs become available for adoption 4 weeks after they enter foster care. BFP has a list of over 10,000 applicants waiting to home a former research animals. We will look through these applications to find the best home for each individual dog.


By nature, Beagles are friendly, docile and forgiving – sadly, the very traits that make them popular pets are the same attributes which make them highly sought after by research laboratories. Read more about the Beagle Freedom Project and its ongoing effort to rescue these wonderful dogs at this link.

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Penny Eims

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