Rescuers Mourn Death of Abby — The Dog They Couldn’t Save


Many animal rescuers in Florida are mourning the loss of a dog they’ve known for years. Abby, a German shepherd mix, lived a rough life around the Rock Pit truck yards in Hialeah Gardens. Her seven years of life were spent there, and for her entire life, she was too scared of humans to let them get close to her. She was born without knowing the touch of a human hand, and she died having never known a loving touch.

Abby's puppy
Abby’s puppy

A guard in the truck yard where she lived said that she was born there. No one claimed her, no one petted her, no one spoiled her as a puppy, no one gave her a name, and no one gave her love. But when the rescuers found her, they gave her a name and they fed her every day. They rescued some of her puppies (as many as they could catch) and found them homes. They worked with those in that truck yard to try to catch her, even working close to midnight one night trying to get her to safety. But she was too smart and too wary of people to allow herself to be trapped.

On a Facebook post announcing her death, those who had known her or who had helped her puppies shared their grief.

It brings me great sadness to inform you all that Abby has passed. Yleana spoke with one of the lot workers today while I was feeding and he informed us that Abby delivered another litter, however they died and so did she. He personally buried her. He believes it was from parasites and he tried giving her meds in her food but he was never sure if she ate it. RIP Abby.


Those who fed her are the core volunteers (and those who help when they can) who visit the Redland area and the Rock Pit Quarry area to feed the many dogs who are abandoned there each and every day. They created the Redland Rock Pit Abandoned Dog Project to help dogs like Abby. Abandoned dogs, unwanted dogs, throw-away dogs.

Most days, cars and trucks stop on the side of the road, open a door and push out one or more dogs, and then drive away — quickly — because often the dogs chase the car desperately. These dogs are confused and shocked, and they have no idea how to survive in the unforgiving environment. There is little water, no food, no shelter, and dangers from the roads and from the wild animals. Dogs as tiny as Chihuahuas and as large as mastiffs are dumped there to die.

One person posted on Abby’s Facebook thread:

This breaks my heart in so many ways. I fostered her puppies. This is Boo Boos mommy. I’m sorry Abby.

Abby had four litters in her seven years of life. The last litter of puppies died with her. A previous litter of puppies, rescued at night, were not in good health when they were finally found and taken. The rescuers “searched all over the lot that night and couldn’t find them.” Finally, through sheer persistence, they saw something that looked like a rat going down a hole — and that’s where the puppies were. Of the six puppies rescued that night, two died. The others were adopted and are well. Of another litter, only one lived, devastating the rescuers.

Abby is just one of hundreds of abandoned dogs. For more information about dogs like Abby and what is being done by the caring and selfless volunteers who feed them, read “Part I: Volunteers feed and save abandoned, scared dogs — big and small — in Redland, Florida.”

Pamela Kramer

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  1. Tracy says:

    Rip baby so sad.

  2. Bernadette Ferriter says:

    always terribly sad, poor dear dog. am happy for the love that she did get from some kind human beings.

  3. Teresa says:

    What a sad story. RIP Abby and God Bless all of you that are out there everyday feeding and rescuing the ones you can.

  4. Ally says:

    Sleep well now precious girl. Every single dog and cat everywhere needs a loving family. I’m so sorry you weren’t able to feel the love on earth. Go run & play now at the Rainbow Bridge❤

  5. Diane Konitz says:

    Another lost soul who was never loved as she should have been. RIP Abby, I’m am so honored to know and help the Redland Rock Pit Abandoned Dog Project. They need help in so many ways, they are out there every day, giving up family time to feed and rescue these “throw away” dogs. Please take a moment to donate, food, gas cards, money….every little bit helps…

    So many dogs suffer from starving and parasites. Many are injured, without these wonderful rescuers many more would be lost.

  6. Susie Taylor says:

    RIP Abby. Safe in the arms of Jesus along with your babies.

  7. Jill says:

    Rest In Peace Sweet Abbey. I’m heartbroken.

  8. Jennifer Barragan says:

    Very Sad…….Wish Abby would have gotten the chance to have known a better life…RIP ??

  9. Sandy Imhoff says:

    This is such a heartbreaking story. My deepest sympathies to all who tried their best to save Abby and her puppies.
    RIP momma Abby and her babies. 🙁

  10. Ceci Garcia says:

    Abby… You will be missed… Passed by your old spot today… I looked under the truck where you would normally hide with your boyfriend, but you were not there….
    Finally, You are in a better place!!!

    RIP Angel ????

  11. Gwen Davis says:

    Incredibly sad. Rip Abby.

  12. Lisa Blanck says:

    I know the Rockpit volunteers will keep up the fight, but sad for them nonetheless….

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