Rescuers Save Dog Who Was Trapped In Duct Of Abandoned House For Days

Last week, a team of rescuers saved a dog who had been stuck in a duct at an abandoned house in Detroit, Michigan. Last Wednesday, members of Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue were alerted to the dog’s presence inside of a partially burned house on Rossini Street.

Theresa Sumpter, with the rescue group, was expecting to find one dog inside of the otherwise vacant house, but it turned out that two dogs were inside, and one of the dogs was hopelessly trapped inside of an air duct in the attic area. Sumpter told WXYZ News, “I’ve never seen this, this is definitely a first. We couldn’t see the head just the back end of the dog and a second dog laying next to him.”

Freeing the dog was beyond the capability of the rescue group, so they reached out to the Detroit Fire Department for assistance. Fire department personnel, hailed as “heroes,” by the rescue agency, were able to cut through the walls to access the dog, who is believed to have been trapped for several days.

Following the rescue effort, the rescue group expressed gratitude to the fire fighters who were responsible for saving the trapped pup:

“Thank you to our friends and our heroes at the Detroit Fire Department for coming to help us save a dog with his head stuck in an air duct in a burnt-out house. Both dogs rescued out of the house are headed to a veterinary hospital to be checked out and scanned for microchips.”

The rescued dogs have since been named Hansel and Gretel.

Find the Detroit Pit Crew website here.

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