Senior Disabled Vietnam Veteran Gifted A New Trailer – Early Christmas For Man And His Dogs

Pete May, a 71-year-old disabled Vietnam veteran, was recently gifted a warm, livable trailer to replace his former single wide trailer, which was completely dilapidated. Christmas came early to the disabled veteran, who lives “off-grid” with his dogs (whom he considers to not only be his family, but his “only” family) in Pinon Hills, California. Thanks to a fundraiser, put on by the Basic Needs Foundation, Inc., the senior veteran is no longer residing in a trailer without electricity, or running water.

On December 11, May was gifted a 31-foot Coachmen Travel trailer, complete with heat, shower, stove, television, radio, refrigerator, oven and more.  May’s reaction to the life-altering gift was captured on video and shared with followers of the Basic Needs Foundation – it is clear that May is deeply touched by efforts of donors and volunteers who came together to make his new home a reality.

The organization was able to successfully raise the funds necessary for the trailer, and the preparation needed to put it in place. Additional funds are currently being sought to retrofit May’s home with solar panels – the agency explained:

We need to raise the funds for Phase 2: the solar retrofitting of the trailer. Pete lives completely off the grid which means he has no City Services so we need to outfit his trailer accordingly and thus have upped our fundraising goal amount to cover these costs.

If you are interested in helping, please click here to access the YouCaring account set up for May.

The Basic Needs Foundation is a non-profit agency, established in 2000, whose goal is to reduce the number of mouths that poor families have to feed by providing FREE spaying & neutering for their pets. The organization also provides food for working homeless families who live in their vehicles, and pet food for their pets. Click here to read more. Find the Basic Needs Foundation on Facebook here.

(Photos Basic Needs Foundation, Inc.)



Penny Eims

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