Senior Dogs Like Snickers Make Great Companions If You Give Them a Chance

A sweet senior dog named Snickers is hoping that the life in her light brown eyes will cause potential adopters to overlook her age. Snickers’ world changed when her owner died, but volunteers are hoping that someone will see the beautiful soul of this deserving senior girl.

Like most Labrador retrievers (she is a mix), Snickers loves getting petted and takes treats very gently. She sat beautifully for a treat. She is noted to be house trained, patient and friendly around children. She has been trained to walk on a leash. Like many senior dogs, Snickers will be an easy addition to a household. She will know about house rules. She will appreciate affection without being overly demanding. She will be grateful for any love that is shown her.

Senior dogs are very rewarding to adopt. Although their time with an adoptive family may be short — a year or a few years — the time spent with them is unforgettable. Because for as long a time or as short a time as a senior dog is with a family, they leave an indelible mark.

One rescuer who took in an abandoned eight-year-old Great Pyrenees still cherishes the experience years later. “She came to us not even knowing that dogs have names. We thought she was deaf for weeks. Before she died four years later, she had learned not only her name, but enough to become a therapy dog. She learned to eat pizza crusts from our hands. She learned what it was like to be loved. I still miss her.”

Another rescuer tells the story of her ten-year-old Doberman. “I adopted him from a shelter as a senior. He adored my infant daughter.” Ironically, the adopter’s mother had a Doberman she had raised from puppyhood. That dog bit the infant on the head. The adopted shelter Doberman was completely trustworthy with the baby, proving that having a dog for its entire life has no bearing on its actual temperament. It’s the personality of the dog that counts. Even a senior.

Snickers and many other senior dogs are available at the Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center.  The address is 440 N. Falkenburg Road, Tampa, FL. There is more information on Snicker’s Facebook thread. Snickers is ID#A1708109.

If you are interested in adopting or rescuing Snickers, please email both and They will be able to give you more information.

Remember that senior dogs make great pets! Other seniors from across the country who are in need of homes are pictured below.

Blizzard at New York City Animal Care & Control

New York:

Blizzard is a 14-year-old neglected poodle who needs a rescue to help him get out of the shelter. Senior dogs of all sizes are in shelters and need homes. Blizzard is a small guy. His Facebook thread might have more information.


Allie is a sweet, six-year-old Shih Tzu mix. She came in with another dog,

Allie in San Bernardino, CA

so she probably gets along with other dogs. She is in the city shelter in San Bernardino, CA. The volunteers note that they don’t have many networkers, so they appreciate any help in networking their dogs. Allie is ID# A502126. There may be more information on her Facebook thread.

And in Memphis, a senior cat:

Marley from Memphis

Marley (A294280) is an 11-year-old spayed female gray and white tabby. She was surrendered to Memphis Animal Services by her owner on March 11. She was kept as an indoor cat, and her previous owner reports that she is friendly with animals and children. She may be a senior, but when you open her kennel door to visit with her, she pops right up to say hello and get chin scratches and head scratches and all the affection you can offer. She is at Memphis Animal Services in Memphis

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