Shelter Found Special Person to Save Stressed-Out Stray

Sweet and loving Mackie is, in many ways, a lucky dog. She has a shelter that worked to make her feel better, to keep her happy, to find her a loving home. Poor Mackie is only about one year old, and she had spent one-third of her life in a cage — that would make anyone depressed.

But Miami Dade Animal Services realized that she was down-in-the-dumps, and they moved her to a quiet area of the shelter to try to help her feel better. According to Kai, a long-time, dedicated volunteer, who posted information about Mackie on a Facebook thread,

“…the staff and volunteers do an amazing job looking after her: They feed, walk and talk to her, and they play with her. She’s not too bad. As you’ll see in my videos, I can pet her even while she’s eating. She’s still a friendly dog, both to humans and to other dogs.”

The next video shows how affectionate she is. It also shows her puppy energy. This is one sweet, young, energetic dog. She would be fantastic with some obedience training! And another video shows that she is treat-motivated.

A problem that shelters face with dogs who are not adopted quickly is that they can become stressed from life at the chaotic, noisy shelter. Mackie was showing signs of this stress, which is why they moved her to a quiet area. The shelter has sent out pleas to various rescues, asking that they consider pulling this affectionate puppy.

Mackie was very lucky. Thanks to the shelter’s willingness to keep her and give her a chance, she got adopted! The volunteers hope that it is someone willing to commit to giving Mackie a permanent home and who will make sure that Mackie has the training that all dogs need to be successful in a home environment. Like all puppies, Mackie needs training and patience. She has never lived in a home, and it will take time and love for her to reach her potential.

Mackie was #A1807712 She was listed as a 15 month old Terrier mix. She was at Miami Dade Animal Services, 3599 NW 79th Ave., Doral FL 33166. Their phone number is 305-884-1101.

Please note: Photos and video by Kai Rohere, shelter volunteer. Visit the Facebook thread for more information.


Pamela Kramer

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