Shelter Seeks Special Home For Blind Munchkin Cat

Munchkin cat Giselle

The Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA) is seeking a special home for a unique munchkin cat named “Giselle.” The two-year-old cat is blind and she was surrendered to the shelter in late September by owners who were overwhelmed by her medical needs.

Special needs munchkin cat

On October 21, the MSPCA-Angell shelter reached out to Facebook followers about the homeless cat, and her need for an adopter who is equipped to take on her special needs:

“Giselle” is a special needs cat if ever there was one. But this sweet feline has captured our hearts and we hope the BEST adopter is right around the corner.

Giselle’s tiny body (she weighs under three pounds) makes her exceptionally adorable – unfortunately, her pint-sized stature comes with problematic physical issues. In addition to being blind, little Giselle suffers from joint and nerve pain and she is unable to get around easily. Her tiny rib cage also makes breathing difficult, especially when she is stressed. Her veterinarian has indicated that these issues could ultimately lead to a shortened lifespan.

Giselle the munchkin cat

Giselle’s special needs led shelter staff to believe that she would be an exceptionally difficult pet to place, but social media is helping this mini-kitty rise to unexpected fame. Giselle has her own Instagram account (Stumpy Cat) with over 4,500 followers. According to People Pets, adoption offers are now pouring in from around the world.

Undoubtedly, the shelter will ensure that Giselle goes home with the adopter who is best equipped to handle her special needs. According to ABC 7 News, Giselle’s ideal adopter will already have other pets (to keep her company), no stairs (due to her blindness), and live a life with a regular routine in order to ensure that medications can be given when needed.


Find the MSPCA shelter website here.

Find Giselle’s Instagram account (@realstumpycat) here.

(Photos via Instagram)

Penny Eims

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  1. Carla says:

    If you could get her to me in Indiana I will gladly help this sweet baby.

  2. Tammy Cochet says:

    I will adopt this sweet one.

  3. Janaina says:

    Animais precisam di proteção chega di serem usados para testes e maus tratos fisicos e psicológico stop.

  4. Janaina says:

    Stop a maus tratos a animais indefesos.

  5. kaysie streff says:

    shelter this cat is amunchkin. she is the right size for brred. the are breed to look and act like kittens all their lives. they have short front legs. this is a natural occurung mutant. not all muchkin cats get this gene. som look like normal cats/ i hav e one she is very fun and healthy she is 15 this year. please find her the right hom some one may think she is cute because of what she is and how she looks. when they get tried of it. they will dump it. she is a rf cat thenk youare brred o

  6. Debbie Deutscher says:

    I love ❤️ Animals I Would help a animal out in A Heart ❤️ Beat that’s what I’ve been doing for years with homeless cats feeding them have shelter all around my house for the cats I find good homes for them I just don’t trust just any body to take them. I’m outside day after day with teaching the babies how to eat and drink work with them all the time. I just found home for 8 kitties. I wish I owned my own achrige I would help a lot of Animals. It really hurts and breaks my heart ❤️ how anyone could walk away from there Own animal or abuser there own animal or someone else’s animals or even the ones in the wild I have no respect for useless people like that were I live there a lot of disrespectful pieces of shit that traps cats and they throw them out on gravel road s and farms they even do this to kittens this lady I know that lives on a farm come to my house All The kitty’s from the beginning of summer from my house ? was at her farm witch I’m happy it was her farm cause they are doing fine. And there’s still idiots around my house ? trapping cat and dropping them off down gravel roads not fair to the cats and people poisoned a few cats by my house in the bush I went to the town hall in my town and told them about it and even took them the bag of what ever it was I can’t remember what it was I thought it was rat poison but it wasn’t she tells me not to say anything to anyone about that. I that’s not fair all animal cruelty has to stop everywhere I would help any animal out in a heartbeat love ❤️ all animals respect ✊ All Animals ❤️??????

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