Shelter Volunteer Swaddles Frightened Dog And Your Heart Will Melt


Shelter volunteers spend so much time with their charges that they get to know some of them, their likes, their habits and their fears, very, very well. caught one of these angels in action….

Dwayne, a three-year-old bully mix, is currently a resident at Collier Domestic Animal Services in Naples, Florida.  He is also very scared of thunderstorms, and, with the rainy season in full swing, a concrete-block Florida shelter is not the most acoustically-ideal place for a dog like Dwayne to be.

So Susan Hand Barry, a wonderful shelter volunteer, snuggled up to Dwayne in his kennel, swaddled him up in blankets ‘like ET‘, and soothed him while the thunder rolled far in the distance.  Check out the video!

A beautiful black and white boy with ‘a crooked little pigtail’, as Susan describes Dwayne, who “doesn’t like storms and may not like fireworks either.”  With Independence Day coming down the pike, many big ka-booms will be expected.  The sounds are sure to echo around the shelter’s concrete walls, scaring dogs like Dwayne, so Collier DAS would love to get this big baby into a home before July  4th, and have waived his adoption fee till June 17th. Here’s a link to more video of handsome Dwayne!

Dwayne, adoptable at Collier in Naples, FL

Going the extra mile every day.  That’s a shelter volunteer!!

Update on 6/20 – Dwayne has been adopted!! But there are many other great animals here; to see them, click here and please visit Collier at 7610 Davis Blvd, Naples, FL or call them at 239-252-PETS(7387).  Many dogs are scared of thunderstorms, and shelters would welcome donations of a Thundershirt!

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Lisa Blanck

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  1. Betty Geist says:

    Thank you so much for caring him
    Sharing him on my Facebook
    And hoping for a loving home

    1. Lisa Blanck says:

      He got adopted!! Thanks!

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