Shelter Works With Rescue Group To Save Pregnant Dog Who Had Been Stapled Shut

A young pit bull is able to lovingly tend to her newborn puppies today, thanks to the efforts animal shelter staff who cared enough about her well-being that they reached out for help from area rescue agencies.

The dog, dubbed “Everly,” was recently rescued by an animal shelter in Bergen County, New Jersey. Shelter staff could see that the young dog was heavily pregnant, in poor health, and suffering with a wound on her stomach that had been stapled shut…apparently by someone using a staple gun.

Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge, the rescue organization which has taken Everly under its wing, recounted what took place:

When Everley arrived at the local shelter, staff worried that the birth was imminent, and Everley was in no shape to go through it alone. They reached out to local rescues – as soon as we heard, we knew we had to help. Before Everley could be moved, she gave birth to 8 beautiful babies.

Everly, who is described as an “amazingly strong mother,” was in such poor health that her best efforts to produce milk for her puppies failed. The young family was taken to Pets Aloud Veterinary Hospital for urgently needed care – the rescue group stated:

Everley is sweet and so relieved by the help and comfort she is getting. Her loving devotion is unwavering. Everley has finally began to eat well in a comfortable and safe environment, and we are hopeful that she will be able to regain care of her babies.

On Wednesday, the rescue agency updated Facebook followers about Everly and her babies:

We are thrilled to share that our brave and dedicated Mama, Everley , continues to care for her babies …despite her own condition.
At their vet visit today, each baby had not only kept their weight …but had actually gained weight since yesterday’s exam , proving that their resilient and dedicated Mom is in fact producing milk and feeding her sweet puppies on her own.
Everley is still anemic, but her numbers have improved, and is being fed a special diet in her loving foster home. Bloodwork will be rechecked on Friday to make sure that nursing the babies is not too much for Everley’s frail body, and that her own health is not being compromised.

They added:

Throughout all of this…Everley remains a sweet girl, with a strong spirit- we are so proud of her.

Anyone interested in helping to support this young family can do so by making a donation to the Betty Lou Medical Fund here.

(Images via Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge)

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Penny Eims

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