Shelter Animals Treated To Special Performance By Cellist

Recently, animals sheltered at Florida’s Humane Society of Sarasota County were treated to a special performance by Natalie Helm, Principal Cellist of the Sarasota Orchestra. Helm typically performs for people, but she came up with the idea to perform for the shelter pets after spending time at the animal shelter. Helm told Fox 13, “I know it’s very cliché, but music is a language that everyone appreciates and understands.”

Helm wasn’t sure how the dogs would react to the music, but she hoped that the sounds of the cello would prove to be comforting – her hope turned out to be a reality. Helm told People, “I could really sense they were enjoying it — there was a great feeling of peacefulness that spread quickly through the kennels.”

Nalani Simpson, Communications Coordinator for the shelter, acknowledged the benefits of classical music for animals – in a statement to Shelter Me, she explained:

Classical music has often been used as a tool to de-stress animals; especially in shelters. Studies show dogs’ stress levels decrease significantly after music is played into their kennels. HSSC plays music in its kennels through a small boom box, though sometimes it can be difficult to hear.

Simpson told Shelter Me that the HSSC shelter pets will be treated to future performances by the talented cellist – she stated:

There will certainly be more live concerts for HSSC’s shelter pets in the future. Natalie Helm hopes to play many more songs and enrich many more lives.

Helm told People, ” I hope to perform at the shelter for as often as they’ll have me.”

(Photos courtesy of Marta Shenker/Rescued Nose Photography)

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Penny Eims

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  1. Rosalie Finn says:

    Thank you it is great yes animals love classic music it calms them thry are very smart they have deep feelings that they are so loving
    Thank you would be great it where to be everywhete to help these dogs with there stress

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