Sit, Stay, Down Dog! SC Dogs And Yoga ‘DOGA’ Event This Weekend Benefits Local Humane Society

Dog owners are aware of the benefits you get when you take your dog for a nice, long walk.  Fresh air, exercise, companionship.  Meeting other dogwalkers, possibly striking up a conversation, a friendship, maybe more.


Well, if you live near Anderson County, South Carolina, this Saturday you’ll get a chance to connect with your canine companion AND with your own body, and other like-minded dog-lovers, for the first DOGA event!  Top Dog Pet Care and The Yoga Place are hosting the event at the William A. Floyd Amphitheater.  For about 90 minutes, you’ll be able to exercise your mind, body and spirit, and that of your best furry pal, and help a good cause.  All proceeds from the nominal $25 registration fee benefit the Anderson County Humane Society.



The DOGA event was organized by Desiree Smith from Top Dog Pet Care. Smith, a dog trainer with 17 years of experience, who is also a qualified yoga instructor, wanted to combine her passion for dogs and yoga, and do something for her community’s Humane Society. Smith tells ShelterMe, “they have been getting in a lot of animals, and it’s become very overwhelming.”


Animals such as Connor and Ciera, a pair of German Shepherds whose Air 14264006_10154518322923584_7453545986864064635_nForce dad lost his life fighting for our country, two years ago.  A responsible pet parent, he left his dogs with caretakers, with written instructions regarding his beloved pets, while he went off to war.


ACHS states, “Sadly, the caretakers dropped them off at the local shelter this week. Friends of the caretakers contacted one of our foster parents and we went straight to the shelter and pulled these two to safety. Their dad died defending our freedom and WE WILL TAKE CARE OF HIS BABIES.”  The dogs are in poor health, and will need time, and funds, to recuperate.



Though this is her first organized DOGA, Smith has high hopes for a successful event and is well prepared.  The class will have exercise options for dogs in every size.  “It’s going to be a lot of fun, and not very structured.”  She knows from experience that “when working with animals, any curriculum can go out the window at any moment!”


If you’re worried about embarrassing yourself in front of your dog, don’t be.  Says Smith, “Even first-timers can do the poses, and will get something out of it.”  The event is in an enclosed area, so you won’t have to worry about your dog hightailing it out of the arena.


So if you want to do something really fun with your dog, benefit your health, and that of your canine companion, and help out a local humane society, consider joining in DOGA!  Click on this link for more information, to purchase tickets, or perhaps just donate to the cause.


Here’s a link to more of ACHS’ adoptables!  They have all shapes and sizes of the canine and feline variety, and great feedback.  Their phone number is 864-367-7220.





Lisa Blanck

Writing articles about animals for more than 22 years, she dove into the rescue world with the onset of Hurricane Katrina. As an outspoken advocate for animals, she's covered everything from paws to hooves, fins to feathers. She was the Orlando Animal Rescue and Worldwide Animal Issues Examiner for seven years. She's always thinking pawsitive, looking for ways to improve the lives of animals. She lives with one dog, one cat and one patient human. She welcomes your suggestions and is thrilled to be part of the family!

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  1. Mongoose218 says:

    UNREAL that the chosen caretakers, who must have agreed to be the caretakers if anything happened to the military person, had the GALL to just drop off his two beloved dogs in a shelter, and in bad condition as well.

    It seems like even having people who agree to take your pets, and leaving written instructions, etc, STILL can’t prevent people from “dumping” beloved pets! I just don’t know what to do in the situation of our pets, if something were to happen to us……yes, we have people lined up, but things change, people move, retire, and then can’t do it or won’t do it……

    I’m so glad these two dogs were rescued!

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