Sophia Bush Adopts Her Foster Puppy, Makes The Perfect Statement About “Foster Failure”

Photo via Sophia Bush/Instagram

Dog lover and pit bull advocate — oh yeah, and extremely famous actress — Sophia Bush has adopted a very, very cute little puppy.

This is Frankie, and Bush adopted her through PAWS Chicago.

Bush’s beloved one-eyed pit bull Patch died in August.

One of the kindest things that's happened over the last two days is that so many of Patch's extended family and friends have been sending me photos of him. He traveled with me everywhere, from New Orleans to Austin, Texas. New Mexico. The Grand Canyon. He's been to deserts, the mountains, camping in my sleeping bag, and road tripping across America. Twice. He's stayed in fancy hotels where posh people gasped when we checked in, and by the end of our stay in those places, the entire staff would be gathered, crying and hugging him goodbye, in the lobby. He spent 7 years in North Carolina being everyone's favorite mascot. By the time we wrapped, over 200 people there had treated Patch like he was their own. I'd walk out of a soundstage and find the boys playing fetch with him, or see him meandering from trailer to trailer in our enclosed base camp, saying hello to everyone in the cast, finally settling on his second bed in the makeup trailer where he could always find a snack. He spent a year roaming the Warner Brothers lot in LA, being fed treats by everyone he saw. Literally everyone. He spent three years being loved on by 100 people on my crew in Chicago. Sometimes, I'd come back to my trailer to find no dog. Instead, I'd have a sticky-note on my door that would just say "took Patch for a joy ride." Later I'd see him coming back to set, his head hanging out the window of a transpo van, grinning, wearing a new bandana or having had a milkshake. Everyone who met this dog fell in love with him. Everyone took pictures of him as if he was their own. The photos keep coming. They are making my day. This one is circa 2007. I'll cherish it always. #PatchsVeryBestDay

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The Chicago PD star has been fostering dogs from PAWS Chicago since then, according to InStyle.

Frankie started off as a foster — meaning that she was only supposed to be temporary, until being adopted into a permanent home.

Only Bush — understandably — fell so hard for the little pup that she became that home.

“Technically, this makes me a #fosterfailure but clearly I’ve won!” Bush wrote on Instagram, perfectly.


And if we may editorialize just a little: With all the attention that Paris Hilton’s gotten recently for purchasing a dog, it really warms our hearts to see a celebrity using her platform to show how awesome adoption is.

Congratulations, you two — and to the other amazing shelter pets, whose own chances of being adopted just got a nice star-powered boost.



Arin Greenwood

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