South Carolina Community Breaks Record on Reducing Number of Feral Cats

The Humane Society of Greenwood, South Carolina is doing their part to reduce the unwanted cat population in their community by offering an inexpensive trap-neuter-return program for any resident in Greenwood County who cares for feral or community cats. On November 2 their team broke the record on cats spayed and neutered.

feral and community cats waiting for surgery
Feral and community cats waiting for surgery

Forty-nine feral and community cats were spayed and neutered on November 2. Thanks to Dr. Paula Watkins and Dr. Scarlett Springate, 18 male and 31 female cats were permanently put out of the kitten-making business.

Veterinarians who donate their time performed 49 surgeries Wednesday
Veterinarians who donate their time performed 49 surgeries Wednesday

A huge thank you also goes out to staff member Lacey Miller and volunteers Mary Ann Cooper, Sandy Smith, and Laura Egbert for helping make it all happen.  These ladies all work tirelessly identifying the feral colonies in Greenwood County and educating colony caregivers on the benefits of TNR.

Thank you ladies!
Thank you, ladies!

Feral colony caregivers give of their time in feeding and providing medical assistance for the unwanted and abandoned cats in the Greenwood area. They leave their homes in the middle of the night to feed (many times in secret), wait for hours the night before surgery as they watch for a trap to spring or be manually dropped, then arrive at the Humane Society of Greenwood between 7:15-7:30 a.m. to drop off the kitties. Caregivers then return the same afternoon to pick up their cats, where they’re kept in a quiet place at the caregivers home until time for release back into the colony.

While the TNR clinic is only held one day each month the fees are reasonable. For only $25 per cat, that cat is spayed/neutered and given the state required rabies vaccine and mandatory ear tip.

Those in Greenwood County who would like more information on TNR, or to reserve a live release trap for one week for a refundable deposit of $50, please contact Humane Society of Greenwood at 864-223-2498 or email or check out their website.

Photos provided by Facebook: Humane Society of Greenwood.

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