Students Hold Fundraiser to Provide Vests for Police K-9s

When students at Gaffney High School learned the K-9s who work with the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office in Upstate South Carolina needed protective vests, they immediately began a fundraiser to protect the dogs who do so much to protect and serve the community.

Maverick and Loki are two new additions with Cherokee County and needed the lifesaving equipment. The protective vests run between $700-$800 each. The Gaffney students set a goal to raise $1,400 by the end of March. They had already raised $1,100 and were close to the projected amount when a fundraiser at Chick-fil-A helped them exceed their goal.

Thanks to students, K-9 officers Maverick & Loki will have protective vests

In an interview with Fox Carolina News, Steve Mueller with the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office stated

“We were just very excited the kids wanted to give back to the community. This says a lot about the kids there at Gaffney High and their involvement with student government.”

Not only will Maverick and Loki receive their vests, students at Gaffney High will have several months to tease Dr. Frank Wilson, a teacher at the school. Dr. Wilson promised to dye his beard blue if students reached their goal, so he’ll be sporting a colorful blue beard until graduation in May.

Elisa Taylor

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